FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY-THE COMEDY:Warning not for the faint

Pieces from a poem I wrote in April 2003. Karma is something after I
wrote this I got fired a month or two later and It was an awful year
besides me being alive. These are chosen lines for your evil pleasures.

  • Get ready to make your heart cold for this month only let’s cut to the
    chase An ugly ith weighing 632 lbs. She can’t wipe her as and can’t
    stop putting turkey legs in her got damn mouth.
    -13 retartded kids having seizures and we ran out of spoons.
    -A cancer patient getting up in the morning and brushing someone elses
    -Special education students straing their brains on an old episode of
  • A 15 year old chunky kid throwing a temper tantrum because his
    stomach can’t fit any more Ice cream.
    -The late Mr.Rogers 10 years ago dancing to Chubby Checker or
    better yet The late Nell Carter “twisting her clothes on”
    or what if the late Reggie Lewis would’ve had braces on his bottom
    -Mommy Mommy “look at that man with that big hole in his throat
    and he pushes that thing in his neck to make him sound like robot man”
    -Rain man Is the funniest comedy ever made
    -If you want to go to hell laugh this right now. Laugh damn It! ahee hee

May someone bless
your heart man.
I guess you have
a block of Ice
where that’s suppose to be.

The angel has six
dimensions? I heard
you kicked a guy in
his chest one day
for no reason.
Also,didn’t you
say you weren’t
posting anymore?
Are you a hyper

what the fuck?
gosh, thats not right. thats not wrong, its just sick.

Flippers for hands
Flippers for feet
great buggy eyes
fucked right from the teat
Taken in pregnancy
untested - untried
How do you spell it…?

Sorry - can’t be goody goody all the time.

You somehow use this poetry as an excuse to the Karmic events leading to you getting fired? Honestly, I would think that you getting fired was a result of your actions being unworthy of someone’s money and thus Karma backlashed upon you…your inability to prove yourself worthy resulted in you getting fired. Make sense?

Now, you want Karma to deal with your poetry, read some of the comments above mine. Then read what I’ve written below:

Learn to write.

Learn to write