Foreign Films, House of Sand & Fog, Jennifer Connelly

When you watch a foreign film, do you prefer it dubbed or subtitled?

In my opinion, if you don’t know the language being spoken in a film it’s better to have it translated in subtitles than to have it dubbed to your preferred language. I know some think that subtitles take attention away from the film itself, but I would rather see subtitles than hear a phony dubbed conversation track. In fact, I like hearing the different language and all the tones and inflections native to it. It keeps the film more genuine. Once you have dubbed dialogue, you have voice actors portraying actors and the effect is jarring. The sounds don’t match up with mouth movements and auditory tone and emotions is awkwardly paired with visual expression. Obviously, I can’t stand it. But this isn’t so much a rant (as I’m not really worked up about it) as it is a survey. I’m curious if other people feel the same way when they watch foreign films.

Also, unrelated, House of Sand and Fog (2003) is a pretty decent movie. It precedes Crash (2004) and Babel (2006) in that vein of the sublime intersecting of fates.

Also, somewhat unrelated, Jennifer Connelly is hot. Something about her draws me hopelessly in.

Subtitles. Without doubt. No question. I detest dubbing, although I don’t mind it so much in animation.

Definitely subtitles. Dubbing is quite retarded.

I have seen both crash and babel, both good films.
I might give House of Sand and Fog a try soon.