Forget the Existential Crisis, Ever Had Existential Glee?!?

What I mean to ask is this: Are you ever overwhelmed with how absurd our somethingness is, and then almost taste immortality. Mind you, this feeling is similar to plain old happiness, but you can sense a little more like your gonna eventually solve this mystery. I’m talking about elation over solving this sucker. An example of that would be like replacing the blackness of before you were born with . . . You . . . sitting at a universal computer, programing the life you were about live, and then, while you were living it, you came to the realization that all things, good and bad, had been of your planning. f-r-e-a-k-y

I tend to believe that even after death, if our somethingness were turn into nothingness, that nothingness would still hold value. That’s just an inkling of mine. Even if it meant going from being the best kind of worm food, to the what the worm shit out; from the dirt, to the tree, to sky, to ocean, out to the comos, through the blackhole, ect.

Travelers of eternity, we are. Is everybody enjoying the trip.?

I’m loving it.

Every now and then, usually while I am outside walking around, I experience a sensation of everything around me sort of syncing together.The wind, the trees, the animals, for a moment it just feels like everything around me is moving to a subtle rythm I’m usually unaware of.

This sensation usually doesn’t last longer then a a few minutes at the most, but while its there the feeling is wonderful. For a brief window of time I feel like the entire universe makes sense to me on some primal level, and instead of feeling insignificant I feel overjoyed that I am some small cog in a massive machine that I cannot see but whose presence I can however briefly feel.

Isn’t existential glee also known as serendipity? We 60’s kids knew about it. Look where that got us. We’re back to the reality that seasons ideals. Oh well, life goes on.