Forums you've been banned from

I was banned from a philosophy forum for talking about magic, and they didn’t even have the decency to tell me I was banned, just made it seem like their site was down for a few days.

I was banned from another forum for, I can only assume, some of my less-than-pc comments.

And I’ve just been banned from yet another forum for claiming to have a better sense of smell than some of the other posters.

Interesting topic, i’ve never been banned from any forum. And i’ve contributed to several.

Others may be able to identify with this more.

Seems to me whatever philosophy forum you were at must of been hardliner physicalists to ban you for talking about Magick.

My attitude is, their loss, not mine. Yes, been banned for talking about magic, specifically, the philosophy of magic, came as quite a shock.

What website was this?

I wasn’t sure if I should identify it but since you ask (lol) it was this one:

Oh yeah the Basic “Philosophy Forums” never really looked around there.

Maybe I should infiltrate the forum and screw around, scope out the roster they have there, from what i’ve heard it sound like Volchoks scene.

I’ve been banned from here numerous times, as a result of both my own flagrant disregard for rules but also because of some pretty shocking moderating decisions.

I was also banned from a football discussion forum for harassing Arsenal supporters. Seriously, if you mods think I’m disrespectful and needlessly confrontational towards you then you should have seen what I put those poor guys through. Three years of sustained, uncompromising criticism of their club, fans, players, manager, board of directors, beliefs, sponsors, methods and style of play. In fact, I gave up that forum when it wasn’t fun anymore because Arsenal stopped being successful. My current footballing vendetta is against Barcelona. A bunch of overrated, diving, cheating little shits if ever there was one, epitomised by that ferret-looking Argentine midget that everyone bangs on about as though it should means something to me. I’ve only seen him play well a couple of times, he’s usually just a ball-hogger who does nothing interesting. The notion that he’s somehow better than Zidane is utterly ridiculous.

They are a complete shower of bastards.

Actually, it turns out I can still post in their “unmoderated” forum, which they didn’t have before. I only just found this out when I went to the site to copy the above link.

Never been banned from any forum besides this one.


I found out the exact reason I was banned, anyway (which I wasn’t told at the time). I had set up a poll to test the hypothesis that people interested in philosophy are more likely to be Sagittarians and Geminis than we would expect by chance. I don’t necessarily believe that, I just wanted to do the survey.

Me too. I was banned by “Postmodern Beatnik” for “possibly trolling”. And there you can be banned out of the blue. And when you get banned it’s forever. No series of “warnings”

I was banned there for the reason some folks here would probably want to see me gone: for insisting that philosophy must be brought down to earth—at least with respect to discussions revolving around value judgments, identity and the limitations of language.

I generally steer clear of the “serious” forums now at ILP. There is so much fucking politics involved in moderators reactions to posts. And that’s before you get to the objectivists…or those who embrace philosophy as do Will Durant’s “epistemologists”.

It’s the totally arbitrary nature of it that gets me. Surely people who call themselves philosophers should make an effort to not act on whims?

Did you have the same user name there?

Yeah, iambiguous. The stuff I posted there is similiar to the stuff I once posted here in the philosophy forum. But it infuriated those who insist that before you bring philosophy “down here” you must first exhaust every possible argument regarding what the words used mean “up there”. And, of course, that you agree with them.

Or at least that was my own take on it.

It’s sad really. If they weren’t so closed minded philosophy might actually achieve something.

Philosophy achieves many things, many people just don’t give credit where credit is due; what with the modern infatuantion with “hard” Science.

Whatever that means…

What does philosophy achieve these days?

Personally I don’t consider a forum worth posting on unless it has permanently banned me. That said if you don’t have permanent bans kudos, you are learning that there is no such thing at least. :wink:

Look at Gobbo/mainstream for example banned but he came back. You can’t enforce a ban based on someone’s IP address it’s just old fashioned and times have moved on.

I think I am not controversial, but I have been banned permanently from some forums a half dozen times, and I am still posting. This is no idle boast, or a chance to gloat at the expense of IP snooping, if only I were that clever, anyone and everyone can do this and does.

If you are going to permanently or long term ban someone, at least understand that it is not possible at all before you hit ban. It will save you some time.

I can beat that, I was permanently banned from a forum for claiming to be Jesus, even though they knew I was an atheist, and I posted things about the topic after I joked around. Some mods are just bad. :evilfun:

Never underestimate the power of people to not get irony.

Happy ending though I am still a member of that forum, although I don’t post much any more it’s kinda gone down hill since the UBERmensche took over.