Foucault and Aristotle?

We’ve been discussing their relation in a class of mine and I’m confused on what the connection between the two is? Specifically, our professor stated that “Foucault is to Aristotle as Plato is to Derrida.” Does anyone know what this means? It seems very confusing. I understand how Plato and Derrida work (as Derrida critiques Plato’s emphasis of speech over writing) but am having a hard time conceiving of a similar relationship between Aristotle and Foucault. Can anyone give me some advice?

They seem to have antithetical views to each other, like Plato and Derrida. Aristotle believes in ‘enduring substances’ of things whereas Foucault claims everything is historically contingent.

Plato was Aristotle’s daddy.

Derrida was Foucault’s daddy.

I wouldn’t say the views are antithetical, especially in the case of Derrida and Foucault, where Derrida’s deconstruction seems to have a massive influence on Foucault’s thought.