Four Part Invention (Clever Jesus)

he knew

he knew
myths moderated by science
science supported by philosophy
philosophy defied myths

he knew
myths offered assertion
science showed detection
philosophy presented hesitation

he knew
assertion without flaw
detection with purpose
hesitation becomes certain

is the perfect combination
is the satisfied explaination
is the invincible suggestion
is the merry fixation

applause…bravo…I like alot…alot!..that’s a very interesting and exact peice…keep dropping that goodness…

My gratitude 730. I challenge you to write a 5 part fugal poem, if you do, I’ll reply with a 6.

^^I’m sorry i’m not a man of challenges…and i’m not so much of a poetic man…I congratulate what needs be, and guide what’s lost… Challenge is not so interesting to me…besides I would relinquish the fact that you would wanna go toe to toe poetically with a 19yr old…lol…I’m still a baby :wink:

Why wouldn’t I? I just turned 19 last Oct.

Oh really?…I’m still not on that level yet…:slight_smile:…I don’t think I can hit that yet…hahahaha :laughing:

what do you mean by “that level”?

^that poetic level…I write poetry in a rap form, that’s the only way I know how to write, cuz i’m a rapper…that’s why I said I’m not on that level yet…:wink: