France / India outsmart america in future-car department

Selling price = 10,792.76 USD = 8,105.07 EUR = 5,500.00 GBP . . . WTF !!

Air Car from MDI -

My prediction is that this will be the winner in pretty much ALL hot/sunny parts of the world.

This prediction is based on its selling-price, simplicity/durability, and . . . get yourself some solar panels - connect them to an air compression / air storage-tank system in your garage . . . FREE REFILL . . . IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES !!

* ( THEY will try to kill this - don’t let it happen - THEIR business is selling fuel ) *

Anyone who has ever worked in a precision engineering factory, as I did for a few months, knows that all hand-tools are powered pneumatically. Why ? - Because the tools are cheap and last a lifetime.

The results are in . . . and the winner is . . .


No response to this…?

I suppose there is no argument to be made . . . I am right.

Why am I promoting a ’ new technology ’ when recently I have been very much anti-technology…?

Because I see this technology as being both a step forward AND a step back, which is a step in the right direction.

If I may make a suggestion, you might get more of a response if you made your initial post a little more organized. Your posts in this thread so far seem spastic; out of order.

To follow up with your comments, I agree that this kind of technology is an interesting step in the right direction. It is obviously the next stage from liquid-fueled cars altogether, unless we consider some kind of all-battery-powered auto a complimentary next-stage jump. Air power vrs. electric/clean fuel hybrid cars… the latter will be winning for now. The only way an air-powered automotive could win in the long run is if it were developed to achieve long-term driving at decently reasonable speeds.

As for the next ten years ahead, we’ll never see anything like this hit the markets in the United States. The oil companies practically control this country like a drug dealer… everyone’s addicted to oil. They will continue to control the market as long as the fuel source is liquid-based. They control production and dispensation; thus they control you.

I am unashamed of what you may see as eccentricities . . . I can only be myself.

If you can find time to ’ run the numbers ’ you’ll see that you have already been misinformed.

Pretty much all the air-car links in one place :

The American Franchise :

Battery powered cars are now, and always will be, a total dead-end - Main reasons being that they cost much more to buy AND you need to replace the rechargable batteries every few years.

I’m sure there are plenty of scuba-divers who have had the same pair of tanks for decades . . . It’s a no-brainer.

What could Big-Oil do to stop it anyway?

Vehicles that carry their own fuel are not an ideal solution to the mass tranportation problem.

Ideally, the transportation of mass would minimize the need to transport anything except the mass that needs transportation. In other words, the mechanism necessary to transport mass should be external and cheap to build with the energy provided by the environment.

Perhaps I am thinking too far ahead…

A solar powered magnetic levitation monorail train system…?

Of course that means everybody has to live in big high-rise department blocks surrounding the stations.

It should be no surprise that America didn’t win in the car department. American cars have been failing for the last 20 years and will soon go out of business. There are few products that Americans are actually good at making cheaply and efficiently. 95% of our consumer products are made outside of the US.