I think that we, as adults, should have freedom and sovereignty over our own bodies. I think things like prostitution and drug use should be legal

even things like (on the extreme side) modern gladiator matches with concenting competitors

what do you people think?

Give them a place to do it, then they get health care, physical protection, and they’ll be paying tax.

Drugs - certainly.

Gladitorial combat – along the same lines of 18th century “legal” duels – are necessarily banned and illegal even in the most free societies.

The rationale being: in a duel, you do not wish to die (to throw a tangent out to euthanasia). So, an dueling or galditorial agreement of consent would basically set the legal precedent that men could sign away their (inalienable) rights for a time. That contradicts the very idea of a proper government.

By that argument, why not allow debtors to sign away their rights to become slaves in exchange for, say, having their family supported by their masters? You’ve already accepted the premise that, under certain conditions that in no way resemble suicide, people can legally kill each other.

Assisted suicide differs in essence from a duel, because the whole purpose is to assist someone in doing something he intends to do. All a legalized duel, on the other hand, does, is permit one man to kill another.

Dueling is a government “revocation” (however temporary) of the rights of a person that it absolutely should not be able to effect.

Perhaps the fact that people don’t have freedom and sovereignty over their own bodies is the main reason we have laws like this? For instance, drugs and alcohol are addictive. I bet many an alcoholic wishes he/she lived in a dry state. To be clear, I’m not necessarily making an argument against your opinion here - but I tend to think that most people who hold the same opinion fail to see how sensible the other side of the issue is. Myself, I’m not sure where I stand. Somewhere in the middle I suppose. I can’t find any basis for holding to an ideology on the issue.

To continue in the line Anon introduced, many decisions are not made freely.

We would agree, I presume, that a Corleonean “offer [one] can’t refuse,” i.e. “do this or be killed,” is not a position in which we can freely make a decision. Similarly, other forms of duress can reduce our freedom to make decisions, even though the decisions are ostensibly chosen

A straight-forward example would be a person in dire financial straits willing to sell herself into slavery or to enter a gladiatorial contest to pay for her children’s well being, when the alternative is slow, painful languishing death for the whole family. But it’s also questionable whether a high school drop-out can make a truly free decision to sign a contract of indentured servitude when it is unlikely that he understands the legal language contained in the document. For that matter, it is questionable that someone who has not yet finished high school has a proper basis on which to decide that she does not want to finish high school.

One can grant that people should “have freedom and sovereignty over our own bodies,” while still denying that they generally do in practice. If we do, we can still consistently that it is the purview of the state, as a representative of the collective interests of society, to decide what types of choices are inherently coercive.

Wanting and thinking go together. If you don’t want anything other than basic stuff then freedom is less of an issue. Otherwise, when having lots of wants and desires, coupled with a hedonistic addictive personality especially where one needs the use of external things, then freedom to think on possibilities is greatly advantageous when it’s pervasive and not restricted. Good advise then turns bad when it spoils our plans.

free health care (along with things like welfare) should require a drug test and not be available to those that make enough
you don’t get all of these freedoms till adulthood so highschool should be mandatory

when it comes in inalienable freedoms: the biggest should always be sovereignty. which includes the ability to let someone kill you.
this is a basic thing already used in sports such as boxing. except it makes no sense why yiur freedom should end with fighting

and it should be a somewhat long process to sign up for a gladiator match. definitely something you wouldn’t be forced to do. though I’m sure there would be mostly very poor people doing it