freedom: the word freedom is a political one…
I am free to vote or not… but the conservative who
demands freedom for themselves will happily deny it to others…

for Example UR wrote: (in the philosophy thread on Sun, Apr. 24,

“They should only read the new old testament until high school.
They should bring back School uniforms.
They should bring back corporal punishment, hazing
and public shaming rituals.”

K: did UR have to read only the Old Testament until high school?
did he wear a school uniform? was he the victim of corporal
punishment or hazing or public shaming rituals? Of course not…
Because if he did, he wouldn’t have thought them to be
useful in any way… He holds that “Education” is meant to
be punishment…and how does the threat of punishment,
help one to learn? This is a typical conservative attitude
toward education…that education is tied into punishment,
and has nothing to do with learning…IQ45 has publicly said,
“I love the poorly educated” and as UR has tied education into
punishment, UR must love the “poorly educated” too…
which is why the GOP has downplayed and tried to destroy
public education…

by removing education as a choice, the conservative party
is trying to destroy the freedom to choose… for we have more
choices if we are educated…for a person who is highly educated
has far more choices than a poorly educated person…

and what is freedom? the possibility of choices… no choices,
no freedom…and the right wing is trying to take away our choices…
we see this with every single proposal of the right wing…
trying to take away the rights on women(abortion) trying to
take away the rights of gays, trying to take away the right of trans people,
trying to force people into one religion, Christianity, trying to force
people to speak English and only English…taking away the voting rights
of minorities and blacks, to force people into holding set beliefs
that are approved of by the conservatives… for example
forcing people into the belief of “American exceptionalism”
by trying to silence people with their insults and attacks,
calling people such names as "Un-American, commie-scum,
traitor, Woke for example…

the right approves of freedom as long as it fits into
their agenda… and if it doesn’t, its gone…

for example, I saw a picture of a man holding a sign at an
anti-mask rally… it said, “My body, My choice”
and yet that same man will happily deny women that exact same
choice…choice for me, not for thee… that is the Republican motto…


so let us look at this another way…

what does it mean to be free?

when one says, “I am free” it means they have choice,
that possibilities are open to them…
I am free to become… a fireman, a priest, a policeman,
a politician, a writer, a poet, a CEO, a checker,
a data analyst, the possibilities of the economic is endless,
the means to gain income almost limitless…but is that all
freedom is good for? a means to gain income, to put bread
on the table?

but what if one decides upon being an “Artist”… the choice
is now moot because the “artist” earns no money,
has no fame, is looked down on, lacks titles, money, fame or
power…the trinkets of the modern world are not for the one
who is an “Artist”…our modern world has no use for an “Artist”
for today an “Artist” is just someone who does as I do,
which is to be a consumer, a producer, a worker…
fulfilling the necessary functions of a successful state/society…
or said another way, being an “Artist” is an economic choice,
not an Aesthetic choice…seeking beauty for itself or seeking beauty
as a mean to understanding what it means to be human or seeking
beauty as a moral value… for none of these are the “Modern” way…
the creation of ART is a financial problem, not an Aesthetic problem…

no one ever ask the ancient questions about “what is the value of
beauty” or “what does it mean for something to be beautiful”
these questions are old fashions questions that no one asks anymore…

seeking beauty is not a value unless it can make some money…

the value of a beautiful women is how many copies of a magazine sells by
having a beautiful model on it? that is the question of beauty… how much money
can I make by having a beautiful woman next to it my work of “ART?”

So what is freedom in regards to the Aesthetic? who knows, no one
asks that question…for freedom is considered to be a political question,
not an question of Aesthetics… or freedom isn’t considered to be an ethical
question either… and in part, we can see in these unasked questions,
lay part of the failure of the modern age…for we are too focused on
what can make us money and not enough on what makes life worth living…

and answers to the question, “what makes life worth living”
isn’t just an question of beauty but also a question of ethics/morality…

what makes life worth living is a philosophical question…
not an economic question…

and so we need to see what part of the question that “freedom” brings us
to the answers offer up by the philosophical, the political, the rational…

the question of freedom isn’t just a political question, it is a
philosophical question, an ethical question, an question of