FreeEnergy & OldGobbo

OldGobbo was talking about “free energy [technologies]” in other threads… There’ve been many unused technologies already existent, but I will post an example of one that I HOPE will be used soon, one that got out, one that is very good.

We shit you not:

Imagine, if, in 10 more years, the cost to produce these would go down another 10%?

Just think about that, 10% production cost reduction per year, so far. Those are fantastic real numbers!

The sun is definitely a free source of energy, too. ^^

Here’s another one: … 4118058946

(it’s my favorite :wink:

" Madrid’s government announces that El Hierro [ popualtion 10,162 ] - one of the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is to receive 100 percent of its electricity supply from renewable energy sources." … ered_.html

. . . I wonder what their houshold bills will end up being though . . . BIG BUSINESS IS BAD.