freindships that suck

freindships often suck when one person trys to dominate. they get just as mean as they think they can get away with. prove ing . fuck the olympics. its one big class strugle, and the people that arent struggling are getting fucked. at least its snowing. witch leads me to a better topic : egoless freindships.:good.

You are beginning to comprehend the cubic spirit, and are naturally repulsed by singularity evil.

When people give partial information or always mix it with opinion/judgment, it is meant to control and alter [instead of nourish] the minds of the listeners; this partial information is the “word-virus”, [much like a real life virus is only a partial strand of DNA that has to take away a second pole form a life form before it can reproduce].

A friend that understands the true virtue of the cubic spirit will give you strait facts, both sides of the story, and not opinions/preasure towards conformity.

True friends want you to become more like yourself, not more like they are. The spirit of assimilation and conformity/singularity spoils society and OUR future! People at schools, for example, who are different – get made-fun-of/abused instead of their uniqueness being seen as a learning experience.

Anti-uniqueness/anti-differenciation = anti-evolution, anti-variety, anti-nature, anti-future!

There’s by neo-cubics of the day.

well said Dan,well said.

Perhaps at times in our lives a dominating friend can be useful.

in myself of course.