French election

can you hear the pissing and moaning from the left? … wfra07.xml

first they lose socialist germany to the right…

and now they lose socialist france to the right…

isn’t democracy wonderful? people the world over vote NOT to be slaves to the government…

don’t worry democRATS, it’s coming back to america as well…


more sweetness:

“Women voters shun Segolene Royal” -can you see hillary cringe? … aac06.html

“French Left implodes after defeat” -can you see the democRATS following suit? … 03,00.html

“Sarkozy: I have mandate for change” -bad news for stalinist democRATS … index.html

“Sarkozy campaigned on a platform of sweeping reforms, pledging to dismantle large portions of the social welfare state and to make France competitive on world markets again. He also pledged to reduce taxes, shrink the size of government and shut down redundant government programs.” -damn! the french elected a republican! … shtml?s=lh

now you have to ask where are the hollywood democRATS going to threaten to move now? venesuela?


You would probably find the German and French right quite left wing.

Sarkosi is backed by the NWO bunch.

We know that the same international bankers financed nazism and communism.

They also financed the corporate socialist state:


it is a shot across the bow of lefties everywhere…

[size=200]VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!![/size]


Correctomundo! :unamused:

Yee Gads, another Zionist plot :astonished:

Sarcasm intended :evilfun:

A French friend of the family had been a die-hard pro-stalinist in her younger years. Before this election she was pulling full throttle for Sarko. I suspect she is a zionist :laughing:

I dunno if there are any plots in the offing, but this at the very least means that there will be no opposition on his part to the NWO agenda.

Meanwhile, here is a greaty bunch. :slight_smile: