Friedrich continues his conversation with Voice...

Voice: Friedrich! Friedrich!!
Friedrich: Why do you insist on plaguing me?
V: We are making progress here my son. You at least acknowledge me as another, not just your own mental breakdown. But why don’t you love me? That is why I gave you freewill…
F: If it has an agenda to keep, then it isn’t “free”.
V: But you don’t have to love me. You have a choice, not an agenda. You alone in Creation can give to me what I have so freely given to my Creation: Love.
F: After putting so much hope in your plan, it is not surprising that you react violently when it goes wrong.
V: What do you mean?
F: Well, I heard that you gave the first man freewill…interestingly enough what you require of him is obedience, and not even out of love, but out of fear that he might not die. After what you told him, he probably thought that that fruit was poisoned. But is that what you call a freewill? I call that determinism…
V: Adam could still refuse, and as I told you, he did refuse…thus freewill.
F: Only one thing. Adam did not choose to disobey according to the original circumstances, under which he was expecting death as a consequence which he would naturally seek to avoid. Rendering his choice as if between life or suicide, he stayed quite clear of that fruit as he would a cliff. His true choice came when the result of death was put in question.
V: Damn that Serpent!
F: Why? It spoke only the truth.
V: But look at the consequences…
F: Which you chose to bring about…
V: But it is my Nature. I could not leave them unpunished!
F: So much for YOUR freewill…aren’t you said to be merciful? If so then instead of punishment you could have had mercy upon them.
V: First of all, I am not like you and secondly, my ways are not your ways.
F: Then what is “Just”?
V: What I have revealed to you of course.
F: But when I do as you do you call it a sin. Shouldn’t you lead by example?
V: Again, my ways cannot be your ways.
F: But if I cannot know you then how can I love you? I chose a wife because I understood her ways and they were lovely to me over all others. But what you ask is that I desire you without even knowing you. I cannot offer my love then, but my Lust.
V: But Friedrich, listen to me, let us reason together…
F: My reason is not your reason…
V: But that cannot be overcome. I am the Oceans and you but a mere bucket. How could the infinite be understood by what is finite. How can I make present in a mortal mind what can only fit into an immortal mind? It is nonsense.
F: I don’t fault you for your transcendence but then what love can be given? I can choose to love what I can comprehend and value. But when I don’t know the woman I desire, nor could I know her for whatever limitation on my part…maybe I don’t speak her language nor understand her culture, the my desire amounts to nothing more than Lust.

Your depiction of Nietzsche is completely retarded.

Implying Nietzsche is premature, but IF I HAD meant Nietzsche=Friedrich, then yes, it would be a stupid representation and a profane insult to your idol.
“Friedrich” is just a name…