It is the strength and ambition that wafts up into the skull, invoked by the incessant, gleefully-dancing, invincible enemy which neither kills you nor leaves you alone. As the strength and ambition cannot undo their enemy, they undo your sanity instead.

Insantiy is a little like urine.
If you have too much of it, that can be a big pain.
If you lose control of it, then it can cause all sort of problems.
If you never produce any of it, then you begin to wonder what is wrong with you.
If you release it at the right time and the right place, it can be a great relief.

While frustration is just an awareness of the difference between how you would desire for thing to be versus the way things are now plus desperation. Relieve the emotion of desperation and you have knowledge.

I believe that frustration is different for everyone of us. I’m wondering whether we can prevent ourselves from getting into the state of frustration.

I’ve been trying to examine the triggers for frustration in general cases, however it’s very difficult to find general causes for it. Frustration for me is a part of a ‘psychological chain’, which, in worst case scenarios, can lead to depression.

Frustration arrives when the will is denied its target.

I agree with Fent =D>

From the perspective of learning theory, the frustration response also occurs when the extinction process starts, or when a behavior that reliably produced a positive consequence in the past no longer produces that positive consequence. They demonstrated this experimentally with rats: a lever would drop food, then they’d withhold the food. At first, the rats performed an extinction burst, which is a sort of frantic lever-pressing almost out of desperation to obtain the food, and then the behavior slowly declined once they realized that the behavior was no longer reinforced.

I believe Wolfgang Kohler theorized that humans desire to control their environments. Perhaps frustration is an indication to the psyche that some of that control has been lost, and perhaps the resulting attempt at seeking retribution is in compensation–a way of gaining control in another aspect of our lives. As an example, if rats are shocked randomly, they attack other nearby rats–even if they know that the nearby rats didn’t cause their pain. Others descend into learned helplessness, where they deal repeatedly with frustration and can’t retaliate in any way–so they just sort of give up.

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Frustration is simply the response to unmet expectation.