Will we ever travel FTL

    1. Of course tomorrow or at least in the next few years
    1. No never not in a zillion years
    1. way in the future about 1 billion AD
    1. Soon 100 years or more
    1. Aliens already have
    1. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light not even God
    1. Don’t know
  • :sunglasses: Don’t care
    1. I have been abducted by aliens and thus by logic they must have
    1. Supercalafragaliciousexpialidocious
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Ok thought this might be interesting, might not anyway.

Do you think we will ever travel Faster Than Light (FTL)?

Either just appearing to by warping space, or actually travel faster than the photons themselves speed(m/s)=distance(m)/time taken(s).

Everyone knows c as the speed limit of the Universe. But is it like Einstein postulated inviolable.

One further question, do you think Aliens have done it?

And another are they here!? :open_mouth:

Does this include time travel and wormholes and hyperdrive?

It includes anything that has a mathematical model or speculative at least so yes. Heim theory postulates hyper drives as a consequence of turning photons into gravitons.

Use science loosely in a physics sense to mean maths is king, if you have a model then you have a foot in the door if you want. Or if not just speculate it’s not a rigid science thing, could of gone into futurism if it still existed.

FTL with bending of laws, FTL with breaking of laws, and FTL with no laws. Whatever you like up to you.

If space can fold like a taco…then, maybe. :-k

Space and time fold like tacos apparently. But it’s a little more than that and is about energy densities and how they warp the space between the stars.

Nothing’s impossible… which is my answer to all three questions posed in the OP.

Mobius strips, string theory, the taco universe, and my personal favorite mentioned in J.J. Abrams Star Trek “Think of space as what is actually moving”

I do believe it is possible and I understand they have also managed to teleport an atom about 3m which has similar principles that govern it. And don’t get me started on the frictionless ball bearings.

I don’t think we can travel faster than light because we’re made of things like electrons, and as evidenced by pair production, electrons are “made of light”. That means we’re made of light too, so we can’t travel faster than the light from which we are made. However there is a cheat: because of time dilation we can traverse a galaxy in a few years of subjective time. But there’s no going back.

The thing about speed is it requires a point of reference as in point A to point B to Point C. Theoretically speaking with the teleportation they have done one would not accelerate because it is instantaneous allowing you to skip point B to reach C. At least what I understood in it.

Interesting points made in the last 3 posts - a journey of no return, huh? I’d be in… :smiley: this planet has nothing thrilling enough to keep me here, and the lure of such an adventure is thrilling stuff indeed!