Hey, let’s go have some fun!

I’ve almost never known a positive conception of fun. From all my experience and wisdom in life, fun is something horrid, evil, malicious, mean, cruel, and cannibalistic. Fun for one almost always, universally, comes at the expense of others. The only exception to this rule I can consider and recall is self deprecating comedy. Conan O’brian. Making fun of yourself. Acting the part of a fool. Being laughed at. Are you laughing with or laughing at?

Girls fun.

Females love to have fun. Girls just wanna have fun! But what does this mean? Again, from my experience, this usually means women making fun of uglier and fat chicks. Or it means going to the club, cock teasing men, and having men act as fools, in order to get some sex. This taunting and teasing by women is their “fun”. It’s fun!

Boys fun.

Males have our own fun. Boys want to have fun too. But gender biology dictates a much different form of fun for men. Males usually have fun through violence, sport, and competition. It’s fun to beat another man, half to death, or to death, and then laugh at this weakness. Men tend to love fart jokes, physical comedy such as seeing people fall down or getting beaten up, and reveling in other people’s misery in general.

Neutral fun.

There are some rare types of fun that are more objectified, and less dependent on humans feeding on each other’s weakness. Carnivals, amusement park, entertainment, games, video games. Go on a roller coaster, you feel exhilarated. The feeling of loss of control of your body is fun, same for getting drunk or high. Fun. Play a game of tetris, single player, arrange the blocks in rows and if you get 4 rows at once, then you get a tetris. Fun again! It’s challenging and a sense of accomplishment.

Common fun.

Most people, however, find their “fun” at the expense of others. Teasing, mocking, fooling, tricking, cheating, laughing, hurting other people. That is fun! It’s not so fun when you are laughed at, but, so what? Isn’t it better to hurt, ridicule, and feed on other people, than yourself becoming the victim? Yes, that is the case. Fun, fun, fun!

Fun can become very cruel, very mean, very evil. Personally, I’ve never really partaken in most people’s “fun”. I’m guilty of trolling and provoking people a lot, on philosophy forums. It’s not so much about fun though, although it can be fun. To me, it’s more about understanding human nature, and seeing what all the fuss is about. Sometimes you do need to provoke somebody, heavily, to get the truth out of him or her. You need to test people. And everybody tests everybody. Let’s admit it, it’s fun to see people make stupid and retarded arguments on a philosophy forum, and laugh at him or her. You know you’ve done it. Even people, here, no matter how serious, have a degree of fun.

I’m not saying, “don’t have fun”. But I am saying, understand it, realize it, know it. It just maybe that almost every case of fun is about hurting or destroying another person, feeding off their misery and weakness.

But hey guys, lighten up, it’s all in good fun! :sunglasses:

“Hey guys, let’s go out on the town, have a good time and some good fun!”


“Hey guys, let’s go out on the town, pick some fights with people, taunt and ridicule, tease other people, laugh at other people, and if we can’t find anybody weaker than our group, then we’ll turn on the weakest member of our own group, the clown of the group, and feed off him or her.”

Maybe I’m just no fun at all! :sunglasses:

“Fun” is something I’m kind of suspicious of, for different reasons than the ones you provided. Basically, I think it’s kind of childish. Adults should lighten up, enjoy themselves, learn to relax… But “fun”? I mean, should grown men and women be going to amusement parks and eating loads of ice cream and doing everything they can to look 21 again, and smiling so much in public that it hurts their face? The obsession with “fun” always seemed like part of some conspiracy to make people dumb, encourage consumerism, and all that jazz. Then again, there’s nothing like watching a classic Woody Allen screwball comedy! :-"

More like let’s slap each other and give high fives and smile and laugh until our teeth fall out so we can try to convince ourselves that we’re special, our friends are special, everything is wonderful and peachy, and let’s buy some more stuff!

It’s not nearly as dark as you make it out to be.

Good point, children are more socially acceptable about having fun. Adults need to become more serious, responsible, and uptight. Adults are supposed to have “less fun” than children.

But I don’t think I’m being too dark about this. I’ve seen some pretty nasty shit, in the name of “fun”. People love watching other people wrecking and destroying themselves. And it’s a common theme. Rarely is there a person who actually empathizes and cares about other people.

Empathy is extremely rare in human becomings.

You’re right, what you’re saying is too common. To clarify: I was trying to be funny when I said you were being so dark. I wasn’t being especially cheery! Also, I think an overemphasis on fun is silly in adults (and even in children, to some extent). That doesn’t mean I think adults should be more uptight.


Ditto: Canibalistic??? Where the hell are you from? I really would like to know so that I can avoid it. You all are wierd in your funnybones.

It’s the attitude which matter most. A couple was captured by cannibals on safari, and when they were put into a cauldron, thinking they were taking a bath, getting worried when vegetables were being thrown into the mix, one of them, tasting the brew, said to the other, I’d say, I’d take this with a bit more than a grain of salt.

You guys need to lighten up! Just go with the flow, have some fun! :sunglasses:

Oh, baaad :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
A black man and white man were caught by canibals while they were exploring the rain forest. ,…Pick your favorite punchline, there is a line that includes a Rabbi :slight_smile:


I go on a date with a girl. We have dinner, we drink some wine, we then go walk through the park followed by seeing a movie, then go home. We had fun. At whose expense was it?

Is this just a case of “some fun is at the expense of others, therefore all fun is at the expense of others”?

Yes, it is possible to make fun of someone. It is fun to tease someone with your sexuality.
The OP even points out other types of fun, like pre-emptively making fun of yourself so that it would just play into your act if others make fun of you + it would have no other impact than to support you. Games, rides, movies, outtings, hobbies, the majority of the fun things you’ll do in your life. But the OP just reinforces the same types of fun that come at the expense of others, side-lining other types, just to come to such conclusions as “Fun for one almost always, universally, comes at the expense of others”.

The agenda is obvious. It is an attempted justification of his attitude on this forum.
Maybe for some, all life is is a constant contest of insecurity and trying to “out-do” the other just to have “fun”. No loosening up and enjoying life, the trait that is almost always most attractive in anyone. An environment of relentless striving for dominance seems sad, restricting and dependent. Genuinely dominant people don’t need to try so hard, their dominance is almost just an accident of self-expression and “being-who-you-are”.
RU (are you really the “RU” (real unoriginal) who I remember being referred to as just another one of Satyr’s cronies?), I think it’s YOU who needs to lighten up, dude… :neutral_face:

Probably yours, since the man pays for the date.

Also we have to take into account the people working at the movie theater and restaurant. They’re doing work, providing for your “fun”. They serve you dinner, take your tickets at the theater. That money pays for work.

Are the restaurant staff and theater staff “having fun” at their job? Probably not.

The only agenda here is truth.

Not everybody can handle truth.

Apparently not even yourself.

Oh no! The return of the “liars paradox”!

Your “truth” is cynical. Just because you look for the negative in everything and concentrate on it, that does not mean there is necessarily the harshness or difficulty in the truth that you find.
This is because nothing is good or bad until a human has an opinion about it.

It is possible to see the same (neutral) events in an infinite number of ways, and make of it whatever the hell you like. Hence why nothing is ever necessarily tough to handle unless you insist on seeing it in such a way (which you do).

Perhaps you choose this way because it makes reality more of a challenge. Good for you. Then you’ll notice that not everyone does this, and so you get the opportunity to demand that others do the same (mimic your “truth”) so that you may also receive the competitive passionate reactions that you crave from other people as well as from within yourself.

rununder in a nutshell.
But fact remains, your “truth” isn’t THE “truth” as long as there are others, which there are.

Maybe it’s not me who needs to lighten up?

Fun can be a necessary evil.

What’s going on here?!

I hesitate to say it, but I have fun. I even have fun here at ILP, though not all the time.
I even had fun saying ‘I hesitate to say it’ in this post. The rest of the post was pretty neutral.

You’re such an asshole, Moreno. Having fun at the expense of the poor souls who slaved away making this discussion forum available to you so you could have fun.