St. Joseph of Cupertino had fun.

I’m trying to put a stop to the fun,… at run under’s expense.

I guess I’m not involved enough here to detect agendas. But if there is one I feel so used!

YOur father must have been mean. I can conclude this genetically.
(I don’t Think he is really saying what you are parodying here, by the way)

I’m not entirely sure what is fun about anything at the expense of others. I don’t tend to work that way. When I was a kid I never got why people laughed if someone fell off the back of their chair and seriously hurth themsleves. it’s probably why I consider trolls, bullies, mean spirited immature plebs to be all just massive dick heads with no real redeeming features, and narcissists who big themselves up at the expense of percieved flaws in others as well stupid and pointless people. I am pretty sure you can have fun without being a massive dick about it. Not so sure most people can do it, but then that is of course what being human is, learning to put up with immoral idiots who seem to get their kicks from belittling others. I suppose the only fun there is seeing them get their just desserts. But even that is not that fun, that’s just what happens to idiots, of course many will never learn. We could of course get into selfish fun, and having fun that is neutral, but why bother, just put fun that causes the least harm into the happy box, and fun that is basically you being a massive idiot into the sad box, doesn’t seem that much of a conundrum this morality stuff. :wink:

You had fun then.

He must have had fun then.

I Think your meanness goes back at least too generations.

It makes sense out of what he replied to me.

yeah, I couldn’t tell if he was continuing the ‘game’ or not. I reread it all and I really can’t tell. Just, I have seen him take on the views of others and run with them in some near parodic form. But who knows.

Are we having fun yet? Andd who cares at whose expense? Most fathers are long gone, anyway. They must think this is awfully funny, though!

You cheat You. Your wife’s. :laughing:


Fun is childish? Isn’t that kind of sad, anon? Why would you deprive yourself of having fun? Don’t you think that you deserve to get out of yourself once in a while, like a child does? Having fun is something that is spontaneous, it isn’t necessarily something that is planned and it isn’t about doing something at someone else’s expense. And it can lead to ecstacy in the moment. Having fun can be as rapturous as praying to a god…more so. And fun doesn’t have to cost money either. Use nature, use the elements - they give without asking in return for the fun.

Anything can open that door - the door to fun. Do you think that having a snowball fight is too childish, that it is something reserved for children or romping in the leaves with someone is childish? Or chasing your naked husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend around with a can of shaving cream and trying to squirt it all over them? Etcetera etcetera etcetera. When is the last time that you laughed so heartily that your stomach ached and your eyes teared?

Yes, grown men and women can and must :laughing: go to the amusement parks and eat loads of ice and go on the rides and scream their brains out and be scared on the rides like little children. That’s not being childish, it’s being human. Wanting to have fun and allowing yourself to have fun is not hedonistic - it’s simply psychologically and spiritually sound. Fun can lead to sheer moments of bliss. Why are afraid of this? Are we so anal?

Give into your inhibitions anon and have some fun. Otherwise you will be this…


…though there is a kind of poetry to that.

Who says the girl isn’t my wife? :wink:

I think you kind of missed my angle on this. For example, what do amusement parks have to do with uninhibitedness?

Damn, you have me there, gib. :blush: :laughing:
I really must learn to think more out of the box.
And that is soooooooo sweet to call your wife a girl and think in terms of a date.
Your marriage WILL last a lifetime.

For some adults, anon, and this is just my opinion and observation, they are hardput to let go and have fun. It’s almost as though they’ve been taught to feel that after a certain age fun is anathema for them. It doesn’t really matter where or what the place is - if it’s a place where fun and joy can be had, a great healthy escape from life’s usual mundane stuff, it’s our inhibitions which won’t allow us to let go for a time and simply enjoy ourselves - you know, make the most of where we are.

If you will re-read my response to what You wrote, you will see that I am addressing your point that fun is childish after a certain age but then again you did form the statement as a question: “should grown men and women go…” And my answer to this is “Why Not”? if that’s what they enjoy doing.

But then again, there is this:

Like the saying goes but also… “Fun is in the eyes of the beholder”. The important thing is that it is important to let loose and have fun - not in a hedonistic, always searching for that cheap thrill kind of fun but we humans do need some balance between what is serious and what is playful and fun. Ecstacy and rapture are of the utmost importance to us and laughter does feed the soul/the psyche. From the mundane to the sublime…a thrilling scary ride of a rollercoaster can lead to the sublime…up up and away and then that drop…wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :laughing:

Doesn’t the bible say that unless we become as little children, we shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. But heaven IS here (as is hell) so how can we experience heaven if we don’t have the capacity to laugh and be playful, to feel wonder at a day that becomes different than our usual days?

Actually, it was more of a quick save.

I’m not in trouble though. My wife actually saw this and asked me “you talking about cheating?” and I said “yes, I’m cheating on you with a hypothetical girlfriend”. We both chuckled.

If there’s anything that’ll last longer than a relationship devoid of cheating, it’s one in which we can laugh at all the cheating that goes on in it. :smiley:


One thing I’ve noticed about little children is the panic in their parents if they’re not having as much fun as the parents think they ought to have. I blame the media, commercialism, etc. It’s mostly fake, and desperate. Children spontaneously enjoy themselves, among other things. “Fun” is something they learn from adults.

And children’s fun can be quite serious. They can look like they are involved in grave, delicate and important matters. Which is, of course, true.