§Fundamental basis§

What is the fundamental basis of all religions?

Explaining the unexplainable where everything has agency.

What did you say?
Say it again with more clarity.

You have to begin at the beginning. A paleolithic dude named Moog was walking along a hillside when a boulder above him came loose and crashed down the hillside barely missing him. Moog had no way of understanding that weathering and tectonic forces could cause the boulder to suddenly roll down the hill. Someone or something deliberately caused the boulder to roll. (agency) Since no one was in sight, Moog decided that is was something, some invisible force, an animated spirit (later to be called god) that was trying to kill him! Moog had obviously offended this spirit and decided that he must find a way to placate this spirit. From that time on, when walking on a hillside, Moog would place a small food offering to this spirit before setting out. He would mutter a few sounds essentially asking the spirit to not hurt him. Moog felt he had an explanation of the unexplainable and that his ritual “protected” him.

You can change the content of this scenario a thousand ways, but the beginning of religion starts here.


Very true.(Technically)
Because mind is genrator of ideas,mind is operator of ideas and mind is destroyer of ideas.So our search has completed.
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You have discovered the God.

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