Just a quick question, all you civilization (by Sid Meirs) fans out there can help, What would a Fundamentalist Government entail? What does it mean? Help me out please.

Refusal to accept dissent, adherence to (typically) literalist readings of some or other document, tendency towards strong punishment for crimes…

Homework/idleness/lack of imagination?

Plenty of imagination, would like to understand all existing definitions before expanding, thanks but I don’t know that the basis of fundamentalism has to do with strict punishments… could be wrong. :confused:

Not homework, not idle, just a question. Thank for your input.

I said fundamentalist governments tend towards strict punishments. Look at Iran and Korea of late.


siad pretty much has the ‘fundamentals’ of fundamentalist society down. Such societies are governed by a dictator, high priest, or an oligarchy that are allowed to ‘interpret’ their document(s) of fundamental beliefs. This is in contrast to societies that are, or at least pretend to be, governed by rule of law.

It may be that a fundamentalist society could be formed that doesn’t employ strict forms of punishment for transgressors, but if there is one, I haven’t seen such. Images of the Taliban executing a woman in a soccer stadium for adultry comes to mind, but even in peaceful society such as the Quakers or the LDS church, banishment or excommunication is employed to ensure that members “toe the line”.

To say that dissent and/or contra societal norms are ‘discouraged’ in fundamentalist societies is a bit of understatement.

Consider: If all the adulterers in the world were executed at the same moment under the ‘edicts’ of Taliban society, how many people would be left? :astonished:


Thank you guys, you helped me… kinda.