Future of the USA

Not just America, or the west, but the world is going to go through hard times now, due to not only economic, but political inequality, both big business, and big brother are becoming increasingly oppressive.
And due to runaway diversity, which isn’t our strength.
The problem is establishment libcons and republicrats i.e. culturally progressive, international fascists.
The solution is populism.
We’ve seen the beginnings of a populist revolution on the right, with the rise of paleoconservatism and libertarianism, we’ve yet to see a populist revolution on the left.
In absence of a populist revolution on the left, the mainline left has become even more tyrannical.
What would a populist revolution on the left look like?
It’d look something like Bernie Sanders in the US, so long as he made his main focus (or better yet his only focus) the economy, not covid, gun control, identity politics, radical environmentalism or reopening the borders, or better yet, Tulsi Gabbard.
I’m an equal opportunity populist, I’d like to see populist uprisings on both the right, and the left.
I think populists have more in common than they want us to believe.