Future of the USA

Are you sure?

China has become great again. The United States are on their way to a colony again. That’s not good, but best, as you are saying.


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And shouldn’t you put a time limit on the OP question? - “during the next 4 years - 10 years - 100 years”?

The criminal President Biden had stated that by 2040 the USA is going to be decimated and is doing all he can to ensure that happens. The question is whether he can accomplish his goal. With the help of the Globalists it is very likely to happen - just a matter of how soon.

I think that the extremists (on all sides) are what has caused the all-powerful globalists to take America to task and in hand. Something drastic had to be done to get America ethically inline with the rest of the world, in terms of their race-relations mainly, and neither sides were backing down.

I decided otherwise. But your idea is still good. However, the topic will perhaps have been becoming interesting again in 100 years. :-k

I am afraid that you are right about that.


Oh good, another meme posting conspiracy kook. We were really running low on those in the forum.

Obviously you mean your own conspiracy theory. Because there is no other one here.

Biden did use these quoted and other racist statements. Fact.

You are welcome to read up on this before you go on with accusing others of your own conspiracy theory again.

[tab]Also, you may be warned, because we want to talk about the future of the USA and not about your conspiracy theory.

Do not derail this thread.


On the other hand, some here will conclude that the future of America will be the best for the same reason that others conclude that it will be the worst.

For example, in the future, America becomes increasingly more in sync with the way in which those like urwrongx would like it to be. More in the vicinity of Trumpworld. Is that the best or the worst of all possible Americas?

Or, in the future, America becomes increasingly more in sync with the way in which those like Peter Kropotkin would like it to be. More in the vicinity of Bernie Sanders or AOC. Is that the best or the worst of all possible Americas?

And my “thing”: how each of us as individuals come to acquire these political prejudices. This being just as important as what our convictions are.

Even the great stimulator-simulator China on board an the. international ’ cobal’ , no one but no one is capable to gain the controlled insight to the vagrancies of the market.

In spite of them gaining the edge in supercomputing.

The originality of the US can not be gained, or even regained.

The 7 scored IS a low estimate, because if only one positive Trump has managed out of fiscalconservatism should be wildly appearent to the Chinese scizo commies, red flagging alltheft acquired simulated mechanics of the free market.

Removed: conclusion was premature

now that trump is gone i think we will be a lot better off. especially with the gop out of power in congress.

Or, in the future, America becomes increasingly more in sync with the way in which those like Peter Kropotkin would like it to be. More in the vicinity of Bernie Sanders or AOC. Is that the best or the worst of all possible Americas?

K: and I make no apology for wanting a better America…a very large part of what I
work out is not about yesterday or even today… I am always thinking about “what is next?”

America is here and we need to be there and how do we get there?

I have made the analogy of thinking about life as a map…

we our starting points and every single starting point is different and hence
we cannot ever be in the same place because we all started in different places…

but we can end in the same place, roughly anyway… by all of us engaging
in what our future, our final destination ought to be…

where on the map do you want to be? I want to be in a place where we
actually act upon the words of the constitution…and not just give out lip
service to those words… I want a world where everyone, everyone is held
accountable and responsible for their words and their actions…

that “all men are created equal”…

I want a world where we no longer act with “inauthentic” beliefs or behavior,
that we say what we mean and we mean what we say…

I want a world where we no longer pursue wealth or titles or power or fame…
those are worthless baubles of existence…I want everyone to engage with
who they are and what it means to be human for them…
what are we trying to overcome? and what it takes to go from
animal to animal/human to becoming human…

I have many questions and very few answers…


Not just America, or the west, but the world is going to go through hard times now, due to not only economic, but political inequality, both big business, and big brother are becoming increasingly oppressive.
And due to runaway diversity, which isn’t our strength.
The problem is establishment libcons and republicrats i.e. culturally progressive, international fascists.
The solution is populism.
We’ve seen the beginnings of a populist revolution on the right, with the rise of paleoconservatism and libertarianism, we’ve yet to see a populist revolution on the left.
In absence of a populist revolution on the left, the mainline left has become even more tyrannical.
What would a populist revolution on the left look like?
It’d look something like Bernie Sanders in the US, so long as he made his main focus (or better yet his only focus) the economy, not covid, gun control, identity politics, radical environmentalism or reopening the borders, or better yet, Tulsi Gabbard.
I’m an equal opportunity populist, I’d like to see populist uprisings on both the right, and the left.
I think populists have more in common than they want us to believe.

The word “populism” is also subject to censorship. If the dictators and their media were honest, they would not say that they are against populism, but against democracy. Democracies in particular are dependent on the “populus”, the people. But the dictators and their media make a mockery of it. Populism and democracy belong together. Anyone who is against populism is against democracy. The dictators and their media want to abolish democracy, and to make it easier to do so, they call democracy “populism”.


The future of the USA will be very bad. The only consolation is that the future of other nations will not be much better. But, to be honest, that is no consolation at all, but something that makes everything even more hopeless.

The future of the USA is going to be a mix of a mix of what Wells, Huxley, Orwell have decribed.

The US Americans will not get rid of the evil spirits they called.

Great point, couldn’t agree more, populism is democracy.
The elite are elitists, no surprise there, they do everything they can to undermine democracy.

K: and so who exactly is the “elitists”… I want names… people keep spouting off about
“elite” and yet, never identify them…is being “elite” mean a political position,
is an “elite” someone who has a government position like treasury sec. I mean, come on,
please feel free to name names as to who exactly is an “elite”


Rupert Murdoch.
Richard Desmond
Viscount Rothermere
and two Barclay Brothers
Own 80% of the UK media.

In the US
And a handful of others