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K: and so who exactly is the “elitists”… I want names… people keep spouting off about
“elite” and yet, never identify them…is being “elite” mean a political position,
is an “elite” someone who has a government position like treasury sec. I mean, come on,
please feel free to name names as to who exactly is an “elite”


Rupert Murdoch.
Richard Desmond
Viscount Rothermere
and two Barclay Brothers
Own 80% of the UK media.

In the US
And a handful of others

Fake memes

You left out elites who have been around way longer:

Rothschilds 500 years
The Brit Crown 1000 years
Rockefellers 100 years
Vatican 1000 years

And the list probably exceeds 100

Your brain has already been washed by Big Brother.

There’s degrees of elitism.

The 1st degree, UHNWIs.

The 2nd degree, billionaires.

The 3rd degree, UHNWIs, especially billionaires who either push establishment politics i.e. international fascism, own or run a big bank, international organization like the WHO or multinational corporation.

The owners of big tech:

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
Jeff Bezos of Amazon
Tim Cook of Apple
Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft and still one of its largest shareholders, also a ‘philanthropist’ (more like misanthropist) who’s contributed enormous sums of wealth to establishment politicians and international organizations like the WHO (currently he’s its largest contributor).
Larry Page of Google

The owners of MSM:

The Roberts family of Comcast
Robert Iger of The Walt Disney Company
Rupert Murdoch of Fox Corporation and so on

The big donors to establishment politicians:

Top Contributors to George W Bush in 04:

Morgan Stanley $604,280
Merrill Lynch $558,804
PricewaterhouseCoopers $508,500
UBS AG $442,325
Goldman Sachs $396,350
Lehman Brothers $355,525
US Government $334,611
Citigroup Inc $317,375
MBNA Corp $313,600
Ernst & Young $304,340
Bear Stearns $302,850
Deloitte LLP $293,050
Credit Suisse Group $279,590
Wachovia Corp $273,760
Bank of America $258,361
JPMorgan Chase & Co $228,005
Blank Rome LLP $225,150
US Dept of State $220,280
Ameriquest Capital $208,130
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $199,075

Top contributors to Barack Obama in 2012:

University of California $1,350,139
Microsoft Corp $815,645
Google Inc $804,249
US Government $736,722
Harvard University $680,918
US Dept of State $638,237
Kaiser Permanente $592,761
Stanford University $532,246
Columbia University $478,123
Deloitte LLP $458,275
Time Warner $447,521
DLA Piper $415,390
US Dept of Justice $402,280
Sidley Austin LLP $400,671
US Dept of Health & Human Services $391,978
IBM Corp $370,491
Walt Disney Co $369,598
New York University $357,822
University of Chicago $354,282
University of Michigan $351,118

Top contributors to Joe Biden:

  1. Donald Sussman, Paloma Partners - $9 Million
    The founder and chief investment officer of hedge fund Paloma Partners, Sussman has been a longtime major donor to Democrat candidates. He gave to the Priorities USA Action and Pacronym political action committees.

  2. James Simons, Euclidean Capital - $7 Million
    Jim Simons co-founded legendary hedge fund Renaissance Technologies and is known as the “Quant King.” He gave to the Priorities USA Action and Unite the Country political action committees.

  3. Deborah Simon, Retired - $6.1 Million
    Her father was the late Melvin Simon, the co-founder of America’s largest mall operator, Simon Property Group. The philanthropist gave to the American Bridge 21st Century and Unite the Country political action committees. Her sister Cynthia also donated $1.75 million separately.

  4. George Marcus, Marcus & Millichap Co. - $4 Million
    The billionaire real estate magnate is the founder of Marcus & Millichap Company and chairman of Essex Property Trust. Last year he co-hosted a fundraising event for Biden, and he has contributed money to the Priorities USA Action, Unite the Country and American Bridge 21st Century political action committees.

  5. Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital - $3.5 Million
    The Welsh native is a partner at venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. He’s also an author and former tech journalist. He gave to the Pacronym and American Bridge 21st Century political action committees.

  6. Kenneth Duda, Arista Networks - $3 Million
    Duda is the co-founder, chief technology officer and senior vice president (software engineering) at cloud networking solutions provider Arista. He gave to the Pacronym and American Bridge 21st Century political action committees.

  7. Seth Klarman, The Baupost Group - $3 Million
    Billionaire investor Seth Klarman is a longtime independent and has given to the Republican Party in the past. “I’ve seen meaningful numbers of people put aside what would appear to be their short-term economic interest because they value being citizens in a democracy,” he told The New York Times in August about the election cycle. He gave to the Pacronym, Priorities USA Action and Unite the Country political action committees.

8.Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners - $2.5 million
Hoffman is the co-founder and former executive chairman of LinkedIn. The billionaire tech investor is currently a partner at a venture capital firm. He backed Alloy, a data exchange platform for the Democratic party which will begin to wind down its operations next year. He gave to the American Bridge 21st Century and Unite the Country political action committees.

9.Stephen Mandel, Lone Pine Capital - $2.5 million
Mandel founded hedge fund Lone Pine, which has an excellent long-term track record. He was among the top 10 highest paid hedge fund managers in 2019, with an income close to $1 billion. He gave to the American Bridge 21st Century political action committee.

  1. Phillip Ragon, Intersystems Corporation - $2.5 Million
    Also known as “Terry,” Ragon is the founder and CEO of private healthcare software company Intersystems. He and his wife, Susan, have signed The Giving Pledge. He gave to the American Bridge 21st Century political action committee.

Also the royal families of the world, for they’re both ultra rich, and the embodiment of corrupt politics by default.

And I could go on, this is but a small sample of who the elite are, easy to identify once you know what to look for.

Rothschilds are paupers compared to the list I gave.
THe Crown might be locally rich but wield no personal political power.
I’d definitely like to see them go, though
Vatican needs to die. The suffering they cause is a disgrace.

Fake memes? You don’t know much about the facts.

In March 2020, the Federal Reserve chose BlackRock to manage two corporate bond-buying programs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the $500 billion Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility (PMCCF) and the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF), as well as purchase by the Federal Reserve System of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) guaranteed by Government National Mortgage Association, Federal National Mortgage Association, or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

In August 2020, BlackRock received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to set up a mutual fund business in the country. This makes BlackRock the first global asset manager to get consent from China to start operations.

The former USA replaced by new states:

Could that be a solution for you?