gauntanamo bay = gulag?

is guantanamo a gulag?

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what do you think?

Rep. Duncan Hunter is on CSPAN making the claim that because they are fed well, there is not torture going on.

“the guard before he touches the quran must put on gloves” - that makes it all better.

here’s the legitimate questions.

Are they allowed access to their family members?


Are they allowed a fair trial in front of a judge and jury?


They are guilty by bush’s administration and treated like they are guilty. No trial.

Now this begs the question are US citizens being detained? YES. One man who had no information for them instead of being sent back to the states was deported to Saudi Arabia.

Really though the whole press conference seems like a farce, like showing a menu and two plates of food is supposed to convince the world that everything is peachy keen at the prison camp.

I for one don’t buy it how about you?

release them all to the alcu’s expert care and responsibility…

they can be safely housed at dnc headquarters…

“trust your mechanic…”


the day we let the justice system not run it’s course was the day that the bush administration tainted our government. I’m curious when you’ll realize the neo-cons, are pulling the wool over your eyes?

GULAG!? Do you even know what gulag is? Although Guantanamo has its shortcomings its nothing near a gulag. Gulags were soviet prison/work camps in Siberia where the temperature would reach -90 degrees and prisoners would be forced to work or be shot. Most were imprisoned for being “individualistic” or going against the communist’s ideals. Guantamo is far from a gulag. Do you think a gulag would offer its prisoners the Koran or the bible? Do you think a gulag would properly feed all of the prisoners? Do you think a gulag would follow international guidelines? I think not.

All this put aside I do think there needs to be changes made to Guantamo. I think we should at least give these people a trial. A lot of people say “it’s war time, we didn’t do that in WWII we tried them after the war” but this is different. This war is unconventional. We need to give these prisoners a speedy trial

I do agree that the term gulag is a bit extreme… until I heard the testimony from the amnesty international member at the patriot act hearing. if you can find the entire cspan of that watch it.

any trial would be better than what we give them now which is pretty much a detainment camp, which we also did during WW2 to the japanese.

Also I think that the calling it a gulag is necessary as it brings attention down on the unscrupulous activities going on within the walls. Labor prison camp? no. Place where they can hold you indefinately with no legal counsel and no legal rights? yes. Place where mild torture happens? yes. how much further than that does it go? I don’t know …

The point is that an internment camp like the one at gauntanamo bay can lead to a gulag.

here it’s the first one on the list: … ortBy=date

I saw the whole thing live and all I can say if he doesn’t believe the activities at the internment camp are dangerous why not allow chip pitts (from amnesty) to continue as to WHY he made the statement?

Why, because people might agree with the correlation, and they’d be able to fully connect that with the patriot act.

a citizen of turkey commits murder…

where is the demand that he be exported and tried in an american court?

a citizen of china commits murder…

where is the demand that he be exported and tried in an american court?

a citizen of finland commits murder…

where is the demand that he be exported and tried in an american court?

but no, the murderers from afghanistan and iraq must be exported and tried in american courts specifically because they are not american citizens and they specifically do not have the rights of american citizens…

that makes perfect sense…


again these are american citizens (either by birth or by visa) that are being held in gauntanamo. Do they have POW’s in there as well? of course but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a fair trial. If we want to be the shining star of democracy we shouldn’t be shoving people into the black hole of gauntanamo.

For example, the patriot act has been used for silent subpeona’s against librarians. If the librarians don’t respond the way the FBI wants, the FBI can ship that person to Gauntanamo, make them dissapear for awhile.

But even if they couldn’t do that, the patriot act subpeona makes it impossible to legally do anything. they can’t counsel an attorney, they can’t tell their family members. It’s all secret government.

Are you okay with that?


Americans have been detained. But lets say it has been only “pow’s”
WHERE in the hell do you think chopping their heads off is going to get us? Do you want more terrorist attacks? violence brings MORE violence. The situation as is, is bad enough.

so let’s continue pissing off other countries. Let’s fake wars (kuwait) sell them weapons (Iran contra affair, where reagan and the neo-con cronies sold iran and Iraq weapons… where do you think Iraq got it’s WMD’s?) and then build bases in their countries after the kuwait threat (saudi bases that we only got because we got them worried about Iraq.)

Piss off the locals by unilaterally supporting Israels actions of kicking palestinians out, only care about the oil in the area not the people, then when it comes time to show our great moral strength, we throw prisoners into a black hole along with any american with a visa that is a “suspected terrorist”. This now includes people that read certain books from the library. For instance anyone who’s read about Osama Bin Laden has been marked for watching.

I just don’t get where you get off?

do you even understand what the neo-cons are doing?

#1 I’m not a liberal I’m a moderate. I think the democrats for the most part are idiots as well. (just not anywhere near the same extent.)

#2 I don’t believe in conspiracy theory crap, like the one about bush knowing ahead of time about 9-11.

look at the attempts to cover up their actions now though, why not just invite a journalist down to the camp to show that there is no abuse of prisoners going on? instead they show us a menu and tell us they’re eating well.

That’s great what do you do to them between meals?


FREEZE!!! Shtoppp. For. One. Moment.

I just want to say something:

You know that one has fallen for Imp madly when she has read several of his drivel like this one above, and she still comes back for more. Not a tinge of repugnance.

I’m going to retract my “guantanamo = gulag” as 20 million people have not died there (yet).

But if the Neo-cons want to clear the record regarding guantanamo, they need to do more than show us a menu, of what they eat. Full disclosure is needed. Not delays on how prisoners are dying.

I stand by the connecting between the patriot act and gitmo though. Gitmo could not function without the patriot act. I also stand by the assertation of them trying to strike fear into the knowledgeable by watching what you check out from the library.


What would the names of the americans matter? What you gonna do research it?

It’s like sensenbrenner’s comments in the hearing where he wanted to know the names of the librarians called under the patriot act. WHY? so he can ring them up? Shouldn’t they be protected under anonimity?

All that’s important to note is that the patriot act for some reason gives the FBI the power to know what you check out from the library, to wire tap you and to throw you in gauntanamo if they feel you are guilty.

This is of course a CLEAR violation of the constitution on SEVERAL LEVELS.

under the patriot act:

illegal search and siezures are ok.

You are guilty until proven innocent, at which time if you are not natural born they’ll ship you to your native country.

freedom of press and speech are abhorrent.

questioning your government is akin to treason.

well looks like proof of an american got sent to her home country, they probably avoided gitmo, as she is under 18. … .0617.html

idiotic. How much more preemption of calling someone guilty before they’re guilty will this administration have to do before you wake up?

100 people have died of mysterious circumstances at gitmo. Mercenaries are doing UNDISCLOSED things at Gitmo. It’s time to shut it down and the ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL Patriot act with it.


The FBI fucked up. They should deport the mother, the father, & the son too. In fact, they should deport all illegal immigrants.

Maybe the federal government is finally going to start removing illegals.

wow thirst…

that was uncalled for. You do realize we’re all illegals? we came here plowed the native americans out of the way made our own beauracracy and then anyone else who wants to come here has to jump through hoops.

besides her parents were legal and she was legal.

cheese and rice.

(red beans and rice did miss her.)(20 pts if you can tell me what song that is from.)

speak for yourself



Even the article you provided provided information that suggested she was in the U.S. illegaly–including her parents and her sibling. I will get back to you on the other stuff. :slight_smile:


so your a native american?



and your supporting BUSH?


If we lived in the 1800’s it’d be him raping the land from you.

don’t you know his oil is under your land?