Should homosexuals be able to lawfully get married?

  • YES!!
  • Of course not, im a stupid closed-minded republican!
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my personal opinion is that we shouldnt have the ability to control the actions and beleifs o others,

and that it shouldnt be our descision whether or not others should be bound in holy matrimony

…it is a free country after all.


Here is my view.

I believe that any type of joining of 2 people according to the government should be called a Sacred Union. This would make homosexuals and herterosexuals equal according to the law. I also believe that marriage should be strictly for the church. If you wish to have your Sacred Union be done by the church you may have so.

I am proposing that we leave marriage up to the chruch. But all people should be able to have a Sacred Union with whoever they want.

Like or not tell me?


eh…the church is sooo unaccepting…i mean, ive been told im going to hell cos of my dieism, but id rather be there then in an unaccepting heaven.

Can we create a new forum, call it ‘Stupidity’, and then have this thread moved there?

EDIT: Rant House will do, I suppose.

You saying my ideas is stupid?


Why only two people? Why not allow group marriages too? And I’m not being facetious; I support gay marriage and am seriously asking why marriage (or “scared union” if you like) should be limited to 2 people.

Until divorce rates disappear between just 2 people I don’t think we should worry about this.

Honestly I don’t think I could have more than one wife. Too much nagging. Or for women why would you want another man? He will just drive you crazy.


No, easymoney, you ideas is as smart as ever. The way the poll is formulated is stupid, not to mention rude. Read the Golden Questions and tell me which one of them it doesn’t violate.

Get government out of marriage completely, and let the people make marriage whatever the hell they want it to be.

I agree that the poll was posted in a rude way but I’m looking past that.

Also “you ideas is as smart as ever.” You seem to disagree with me a lot. You saying its good or is it just a little back hand?


I think he is saying

  1. The poll is fallacious
  2. This is maybe not a philsophical issue, so much as it is an issue for the rant board or, even maybe, the Social Science forum.


This is an important and sensitive issue, I suggest that if you want it to be discussed properly then it is set out in a more mature and philosophical way. At present I don’t think it appropriate for ILP.