Gender and Sexual Fetishes

What is your gender and do you have a(ny) sexual fetish(es)?

  • Male, and I have zero sexual fetishes.
  • Male, and I have one or more sexual fetishes.
  • Female, and I have zero sexual fetishes.
  • Female, and I have one or more sexual fetishes.
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(This is pure curiosity as the sample size and the self-selection bias renders any result statistically meaningless.)

Sigmund Freud introduced the term “sexual fetish” borrowing from anthropology. A fetish in that field was any object that had magical powers. The sexual fetish was likewise some object or specific body part that held a “magical” power over the specific individual. The Freudian sense of the word has totally eclipsed any other sense of it.

Now I recently read that fetishism is an exclusively masculine phenomenon. That is to say that only men have fetishes. Just wondering if that holds true.

give me a few more years and ill let you know.


Not to take away from your post, but it was really Dr. Krafft-Ebing author of Psychopathia Sexualis (1880) that was one of the first people to use the term. It literally mean “useless” as in “that sexual pursuit is useless.” So, it wasn’t Freud that first used the term, which is not surprising because he was not the most original guy on the block.

Here’s some links. This one is a movie!

Please notice the book here. I am a proud owner of a copy that I found in The Strand bookstore in NYC. I got it for twenty-four dollars! Muhohahahahaha! … ebing.html

The good doctor also invented the term Masochist. The term came from the name of a poet.

Meanwhile, I sincerely doubt that only men have fetishes. How does one explain all of the leather clad bondage women out there?

Also, I’m sure that many women get wet over money and other material objects. If that’s not the case then how does one explain Oprah?

I can’t explain it. . . but I’ve always liked sucking on a girls toe. Yummy. Clean toes of course. Fresh out of the bath. Then again, when I was little I never sucked on my thumb, but did in fact suck on my own toe. Go figure. I wonder what the Freudian explanation is of that one.

Something went really amiss in my oral stage. .

Yes, but does that make you ejaculate?

No, I can’t say that it does. Does that mean it’s not a fetish? Boo – I had thought I had one. Now apparently I’m . . . abnormal.

Usually fetishes cause extreme sexual feelings.

Now, we use the term very loosely. You could say that you have a fetish for pizza. That is just a fun way to over-state that you like something, but it’s not the strict use of the term.

Ok. I have a fetish for women in long, more or less tight, skirts. It drives me nuts. And I can totally see Oedipus playing a role in this – I distinctly remember my mother used to wear a lot of long skirts when I was at a very young age. I know Freud was very. . . out there, but in my opinion, he hit Electra and Oedipus right on the head. And Milk! There is something very erotic about milk. Gee. . . now that doesn’t take a genius to figure out does it… I wasn’t breast fed as a pup. Ah! It’s all comming together now. Oy…

i must admit… you guys are straaaange… but thats okay…


If you are still in school, perhaps you should be studying, and may be come back in a few years? Please let your parents know what you have been reading. Just a friendly thought.

i love men in drag.
i used to make my boyfriend wear dresses sizzle

Yes, but does that make you ejaculate?

You know . . . I’m getting the feeling that the word ejaculate is a fetish of yours – you creepy old man. Heh, all in good fun though.

See, it’s ironic because she is a girl!

Ha ha!

I have the psychoanalytic intuition that embrace is out searching for a mother figure in her life. I’m sniffing a troubled, or absence, of the mother/daughter relationship. Hmm… psychology can be very fun.

The real magical power is placed in the center of a person. Other objects, like shoes, dresses, photos, dirty talks, perfumes, etc are just brain teasers, me think.

humm, who knows?

I’m sorry.

Alright… I know this might sound sort of weird, but I have this weird vagina fetish…

and yes Ad, they makes me ejaculate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though… it’s a very mysterious body part. A chasm of mystery and intrigue. A handcuff for the biological bluff.

hey im fine thanx…

What…? You expected me to actually tell you…?

I’m an Englishman - We even close our eyes when we take a piss… We do it purely for procreative purposes, in complete darkness, dressed in wetsuits, wearing blindfolds and motorcycle gloves. Half the time I find out I’ve shagged a pillow for God’s sake. Things like ladybumps [size=75][nervous giggle][/size] and er… um… woman’s bits [size=75][tremble of hand][/size] are only rumours for us.

“No Mummy - not the boxing gloves again… I’ll be good, honest I will…”