Genes to Memes

You seem to be just another person who believes the best and most successful are picked by evolution and/or memetics.

I call people like you “evolutionary religionists”

Occultism is where the contradictory seek harmony in obscurantism.
Mysticism is how what lacks evidence and reason compensates for this absence.

Two, or more, incompatible, contradictory, positions could simultaneously be held as ‘true’ in the same mind only with compartmentalization - a form of psychological schizophrenia; obscurantism and occultism is its spiritual name.
In the insinuating vagueness of tis prose, and rhetoric, it implies harmony where only dissonance is present.

This is clear in the Christian method of explaining how an absolute ‘good’ all-creating one-god, can create and tolerate evil - a self-contradicting thesis.
The answer is simple.
Through mystification, and obscurantism and occultism.

Complexity is how a hidden order is justified and called order; occult is how a hidden truth is justified and validated, and given any name.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. Power of the nil.

Degenerates did not foresee that in the battle between ideas and ideals, their own were feeble and weak.
When they realized it they panicked and then they began censoring.
Russia is the white man’s last hope.

Those who deny race, will face the coming decline as innocent victims; explaining it by finding scapegoats. They will never doubt their original ideology, that declares sex and race a social construct.
When miscegenation begins producing tangible effects, they will never abandon their romantic idealism that claims that mixing is good, and that it produces better forms.

Hedonism is the last resort.
Through complexity and an absence, the individual can, at least, understand one thing - most intimate and immediate - he/she can understand and be certain of her/his needs, and how to gratify them.

But does he understand, or does he simply feel, surrendering to that most primal form of understanding?
Back to simplicity…


The more you post the more obvious that you are becoming unhinged.

The more I post, the more obvious I’m becoming more centered.

How do you know that Ancient Greeks were fair-haired?

K: that is the most interesting part of Aegean post… the vast amount
of assumptions made…the post are very poor in themselves
but the assumptions made, wow…that is what is amazing…


From their own texts.

Wait a minute…you guys think it’s controversial to claim that the ancient-Greeks were fair-haired and fair-skinned?

Watching too many movies, aren’t you?
Maybe you think they were black. Some do.

Reding the original texts will offer examples of the ancients describing their own appearance.

Yes, I watch a lot of movies. Brad Pitt and Colin Farrel are my favorite black actors.

I never liked those two because they copy other white actors… especially Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson.

Still better than Gerard Butler whose name I can barely pronounce.

I know right? Why can’t all actors have normal names like Shia LaBeouf, Goran Visnjic or Zach Galifianakis?

What I learned from watching modern movies is that there were, in fact, Africans that fought with Alexander, Norse gods were mulatto, and women can indeed kick the arse of a 200 lbs man. Girls power to inspire the womens.
Egypt is, in fact, A Negro Empire - we wuz kings.
There are, in fact, many kinds of genius…like weaving genius, and slam dunking, and roller-skating, and dry-walling.
Mixing is, in fact, a way to produce higher organism. I suggest we return to the primordial pool when all life on earth was once united in a uniform gue. Parity in oneness. Don’t know what kind of bigoted evil intervened to produce divergence and inequality, but I’m sure that if we use the power of the nil, we can all ‘correct it’. Natural selection my unbigoted arse. How racist to select. just abandon yourself to pleasure.
Fuck, eat, drink, sleep, wipe…repeat. The meaning of life. Braziuuullll.
Multiculturalism is the future. Diversity is strength.

I had it all wrong.
I apologize for my naivete.
Please, stay as you are. I have zero_sum desire to change anything, including your minds.

There’s no need to be so dramatic.

As it pertains to life, need/suffering is the experience of existing.
Suffering rising as need remains unsatisfied.
Interactivity - temporal attrition - constantly erodes the organism’s aggregate energies When these suffice to self-maintain it is in a state of comfort.

Accumulated energies, stored and kept in reserve, also produce stress, and must be expunged.

So, we have two different kinds of need, which will be given a different name to differentiate them.

We have the need produced by constant interactivity, and we have ‘desire’ indicating stored excess energies pressuring to be released. Both are felt as stress.

Need produces desire, if it is successful - fit, strong, healthy.
Energies directed towards self-maintenance and growth, can be redirected towards reproduction - extension of self.
All art is a product of excess. The externalization of mental abstractions, i.e., energies that have successfully accumulated.
The origin is in fight/flight energies kept on stand-by to be expunge din an effort to survive. These evolve from the process of mitosis - the simplest form of self-replication - gradually evolving into libidinal energies, and the sexual impulses.
Art is a redirection of libidinal energies. Not to procreate but to create - externalizing one’s perception and reactions to the existent…

Oh, indeed. With σειληνός there are three things you can almost always count on:

1] flagrant assumptions about damn near everything
2] flagrant assumption expressed almost entirely in intellectual contraptions
3] intellectual contraptions that, sooner or later, topple over into frenetic posts where he can barely contain his outrage at those who refuse to think exactly as he does

About, well, damn near everything.

With the latter, he ought to be careful. After all, it could get him permanently banned again. In the absence here at ILP of a dungeon.

Millenniyule 2019: The Jolly Heretic … e=emb_logo

Cleansing philosophy of its accumulated garbage begins with the return of language to its original role as mitigating symbol connecting mind with reality.

It places the definition outside cultural and social circumstances and begins with nature as it exists before humans emerged and continues outside human contrivances.
The real now limiting the manner to which the idea/ideal can be defined and applied.

Words like ‘male/female’, ‘freedom’, ‘morality’, ‘love’, ‘race’, ‘sex/gender’, ‘order/chaos’, ‘will’, ‘self’, ‘god’, can all be reconnected to actions all can perceive and experience independently, without the intervention of a mediator.


1] flagrant assumptions
2] flagrant assumption expressed almost entirely in intellectual contraptions
3] intellectual contraptions that, sooner or later, topple over into frenetic posts whereby he can barely contain his outrage at those who refuse to think exactly as he does

After all, if he can’t “[cleanse] philosophy of its accumulated garbage” up in the clouds of abstraction, he will sooner or later resort to huffing and puffing about those who refuse to join him there.

Come on, how long can he last? :wink: