Genius in Music

There is no greater display of creative, concentrated, focused, musical genius than in that of classical - including the opera. Growing up in the United States it is easy to lose perspective regarding the classical greats: having heard them all so many times, from the time we were able to watch television and even before, many of them have gone completely cliche. But in assessing the purity of the focused project, by isolating the event of creative expression, specifically those found in musical expression, the image of the lone madman, carefully crafting a body of sound that will require, in some cases, over a hundred people to perform, is the base and most profound expression of musical genius.

The great opera and the great symphony is the musical equivalent to the work of grand literary, philosophical, or theological genius.

Listen. I mean really listen. And think, if you would, about the intellectual process necessary to manifest this sort of thing.

You think of an atmosphere, or an action or a color or a scent or a season… and you associate this with a certain feeling which with you associate a certain sound.
Music composition is much like painting a scene. However instead you are using ‘musical forms’ rather than ‘physical forms’ to represent your thoughts.
This is what makes it so interesting and intelligent. It goes beyond what you simply see and percieve directly. Sound is an abstract perception that we have for some odd reason been able to develop a sense that allows for us to percieve reality using it (music, ie: sound waves), rather than visual perceptions as a medium.
Of course smell is similar in this aspect, colognes, perfumes and different flowers ect. However with music we have developed technology in order to increase our ability to manipulate it. It has been a driving force that has spurred vast intellectual and cultural revolutions, it is the one thing that might seperate us from our primate anscestors.
Ohh…so much more could be said about my friend music, I’m horrible with conclusions though so I’ll have to cut off here.
A philosopher, is a musician is an artist…
But the difference between them is the way in which they express their creativity, their abnormal and abstract perception of the world.

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I would admit it on the account that Zappa wrote some rock opera. I am no musical snob.

Daybreak is jutified to say that much creativity is invested in composing the so called pure music. But it would not be right for anyone to say that music is not about fun, because people are different, fun is universal. High creativity might be fun for you, but for others it is unfathomable waist of time. It is a matter of perspectival power of individuals, people are different. I am only a philosophical snob.

The muse amuses because the process of musing exists as the transformation from confusion to understanding. Once a piece is understood, one seeks another anew to initiate the process. Music appreciated as clean fun, lasts longer for one than had it been appreciated philosophically. Can it be appreciated philosophically at all, do not too hard.

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