George Bush, Armed Robber

Is taxation robbery by force?

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If I sent men with guns to collect up money for me, or you, I’d be tossed into prison.

Can you tell me how it’s different that I get robbed by the govenment and everything is peachy keen, but the mugger gets prison?

Bakunin said it in the 19th century, ‘Crime is the exclusive domain of the sovereign.’

You get services from the government by giving up some of your rights and in this case, possessions.

If you disagree or in some way you feel you are being treated unfairly please remove yourself from the country.

Note john locke…

It’s called a social contract, you give up things to the gov’t in return for other things.

The government is a buisness. You pay for services.

Tell me why, FreeBornAngel, that site in your sig can’t spell “America” correctly.

Any business that comes into your neighborhood and starts forcing you to buy their paint to paint your house would soon be shut down, government is not a business, it’s a racket, and those that propagate it, racketeers.

This could be disproved if the government did not use force to gain compliance, but until then they are just the biggest bully on the block.

Thesun1 is correct, I use the mispelling because it illustrates the facist attitude of the dictators, much like his own proposal that I find my freedom elsewhere.

I presume he no longer uses ‘The Land of the Free’ in his rhetoric.

Not that it has been even in the beggining.