Germany admits to spraying chemtrails

Circling the house of a prominent chemtrail/cell tower buster. Just an ordinary contrail? Well that must have been one DRUNK pilot if you ask me.

Tinfoils. LOL.

It’s difficult to decide whether to “believe” in something that can’t be proven. Chemtrails are believable but, however, therein lies why I don’t actually know that the trails I see in the sky are laced with chemicals by the government. What I have trouble with are questions like “who found out this was going on and spilled the beans? who are the people doing it? why would they spray them into air that they too are breathing and living in? how do these operations go down? how do they stay hidden from the “public”? what’s in it for them? are they anonymously kidnapped and shoved into black vans where they’re taken to headquarters where they’re forced to comply or be killed in a CIA agent type way? isn’t this a little too hyperactive-imagination for my tastes?”

I looked through that link, but I couldn’t find the part where the German government admits to spraying chemtrails.

Why, it says so right in the title!

What are chemtrails? 8-[

Bad things.

You have contrails, which disappear almost immediately. Chemtrails are various chemicals and metals sprayed overhead by some sinister faction within our government. These linger much longer, and eventually spread out into a sort of spider web across the sky. You’ve all seen them.

Impious looks around at all the other mob members, only to realize none of them are laughing.

I’ve heard about them and in a sense seen them but I’ve never quite understood what they are.

Is it harmful on the enviroment?

No one is certain. The rate in of people getting asthma I believe has recently gone up by a very large percentage. After a heavy spraying day, lots of the time you can feel like you have a chest cold. It is probably extremely harmful to the environment, especially bodies of water. They have made the news more than once now. One of the times they actually tested some of it and found dangerous metals in the spray.

The reason I ask is because I remember watching a debate on the subject televised.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is…

When you look up and see a literal grid over your city, only to find yourself sick the next couple days, it’ll come to you.

Joker, here is the gist of the chemtrail conspiracy. The “Illuminati” are beginning preparations for the New World Order. The chemtrails are part of a depopulation program. The chemicals in the exhaust streams have toxins in them. They are sprayed over populated areas.

Imagine this for a second. A large group of very powerful people are working behind the scenes to “un-do” what has been done by capitalism/consumerism over the last few hundred years. Have a look at this:

Now most of the people who believe this Illuminati organization exists also believe they are some kind of satanists or some such shit. I do not. It is very clear that they are communists.

I am thoroughly excited about this NWO deal. I agree one hundred percent that capitalism and consumerist culture must be completely destroyed to preserve this planet.

The thought of all the little worms choking and hacking and vomiting because of chemtrail chemicals almost makes me cream myself.

Well shellfish, you have nothing to be excited about as you’ll likely be either enslaved or just killed right off the bat, along with most of us. It doesn’t excite me too much.

That is the problem with consumer mentality- all of you are only slightly concerned with the future of this planet and the human race. The proper attitude, which is my own, as a communist, is that any evasive measures to stop capitalism is justifiable. Of course I care about my own life…but more so about the future of life on this planet.

Communism failed to secure itself in Russia and China. Now it is payback time. One complete global communism. The world will be perfect. And I’d bet you that after this NWO is installed…the human race will be building cities in space, the moon, and even Mars, not long after the NWO is established.

Without this NWO, the worms will spend the rest of their lives arguing and killing each other over “who’s God is right”. You have nobody to blame for this but the ruling class hacks who invented religion thousands of years ago. God is dead…and we will be too unless we realize this. Now maybe you understand my frustration, here and at ILO? I am between laughter and tears when I walk through the forums and watch those people argue and discuss religion and the greatness of capitalism. Those people are already dead and are oblivious to that fact. Religion and capitalism will be old news in less than fifty years.

What interests me more is that what I read about this “Illuminati” states that they are religious themselves. Read the quote I posted above.

You’re right Shellfish, God is dying, but He is not dead yet…

You have no idea of the coming wars that will be waged as the Christian and Arabic masses realize their God is dying. The real Apocalypse is near at hand–it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I wonder if Christianity is willing to use nuclear warfare to prevent the death of their God??? If so, then kiss this world goodbye right now.

This would be wonderful, but frankly I don’t see any reason to believe that is what they have in mind. Life is a will to power, and if the NWO is going to be considered Communistic, than it will be a repeat of Russia and China, on a massive scale.

Regardless what it’s going to come down to is those with money survive. This will be the transition into the NWO. Those without money will be eaten alive by the martial law.

what do chemtrails do… make you sick for a little while? sterilize you? give you cancer?