Germany Increasingly Stopping Refugees

Okay… this is shitheaded for a entirely different reason. Germany has a very long tradition of being lax in it’s enforcement of illegal immigrants, and suddenly has decided it’s a country, once times are getting bad, so has increasingly been denying migrants permission to enter.

End result, it’s neighbors are stuck with them, even though Germany has more or less opened up it’s gates in encouraging them to arrive in the first place.

The neighboring countries don’t want them, but as long as Germany was willing to take them, the migrants we’re a passing,temporary problem, impossible to enforce.

Now… Austria and neighboring countries will have a class of homeless residents unable to qualify for the most basic food aid.

I’ve come out against many socialist programs in the US, but one I haven’t is the Food Stamp program. It provides desperate people with enough to eat, barely enough, but enough to deter them from banditry and assaulting people for money to buy food.

If we didn’t have this program, mass starvation for a sector if society would result, and considerable violence. I’m convinced of the logic of allowing those who need access to it to get it.

Stateless refugees from another continent, especially those who refuse to admit a home country out of fear of deportation, are nothing but a threat. Most don’t easily find work, if they reach sufficient numbers, they turn into bandits who ambush people, living in camps in the woods… or rob neighborhoods systematically. their behavior us well documented across history… losing soldiers who survive the extinguishment of theie state, deeply impoverish locals, moorish pipulations (usually escaped slaves in the Western Histiry, still a large population in the Dutch Guyana on the Brazilian border).

Its deeply assinine to do this to your neighbors. Austria didnt make Merkle’s mistakes, Germany should pay the cost of hosting Germany’s problems, not its unfortunate nrighbors. Its the one crying about its population crisis, not enough workers. Its the one caling them in excitedly. Why shoukd everyone else have to pay for its idiotic mistakes?

Liberalism in countries like Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany are responsible for this. They should have to pay the price for these migrants. Austria shouldnt have aa migration community like the Franch do in Calais because the British dont want the african migrants. Englsnd at least has the ecuse of not encouraging them to come, the migrants gotvthis all in their head.

The migrants trying to get ibto Germany and beyond were encouraged by Germany policy. To change it now is assine and irresponible, butt fucking their neighbors in the worst way. Now every country other than Germany has to take care of Germany’s unwanted trash? Is Austria to prigressively grade these people, deporting the ones it diesnt want south, till Greece gets stuck with Cannibals and Rapists?

Honestly, what the fuck? You created this problem Germany, from your stance to the Iraq War to the present, you completely oen this problem. 100% your making from decades of bad policy. Its your gas payments from Russia that pays for the planes bombing Syria. It was your backstabbing during the Bush Administration that caused the political and military vacuum. It was your fucking constant bickering about your demographics collapse and projected economic demise that attracted the refugees you created to your country in the first place. The rapes duck, but thats karma. Its going to get much worst, you deserve it for being a nation of selfish shitheads. Dont fuck over your neighbors and allies anymore.

Bunch of fucking little shits. I cant believe the US is a quarter German, with the shit Germany pulls sometimes.

Is this like what the US would be doing to Mexico if we built a wall?

We never had a EU, open border confederation, so no, it wouldn’t, cause both Mexico and the US have southern walls… likewise we didn’t invite half of south America in then slammed the gate on them once they arrived in Mexico to come here. You gotta be pretty fucking liberal to be that assinine and cruel.

I don’t understand why it’s down to Europe to take in non-European refugees… other Arab states have the space and resources to do so, but I guess there’s no fun in trying to cause mayhem there… unlike in Paris and the rest of Europe.

I (along with many I know) am supporting the Brexit from the EU… we had no issues before we joined, because they came after we had joined.

Middle East has taken a lot in, especially Turkey. Europe has taken in very few, even Germany and Sweden. It just seems like a lot because the margin for error for Utopian Socialism was so thin to begin with… many countries like Germany and Sweden had to destroy their futures to achieve their socialism, and they are absolutely blown away after trumpeting how amazing it is, that impoverished people around the planet are kicking the door in.

Ho early, who can blame them? If I was African, I would be paddling the Med with arm air inflators. I was telling my friend in Egypt at the very start of the Arab Spring (he was a Athiest pretending to be Muslim) to just get to Turkish Cyprus, show up, and see if they even know how to deport him.

I’m all for a Brexit, cause I know there would definitely of been a Amerixit the first year of the EU had we been a member. This being said, Calais will still exist, and you’ll still have Nigerians cat calling you. They will find a way in, because dammit, I know I could find a way across that water.

In a way, I’m impressed with the migrants who walk from Afghanistan or Southern Africa to get in. They got through jungle, desert, oftentimes mountains and rivers, crossed a sea, dodged patrols. Very worthwile humans. Same for here in America, when I hear some guy walked from South America. I’m actually not for sending back a person who walked a few thousand miles to get here, I’m against a Mexican right next door hopping a fence after staring at it for years and years. I want those super athletes, stubborn as fuck, will do whatever they can to come here to work dammit kind of guys. That impresses me. You deport them, they get back home, walk out of the airport, turn right back towards the US, back in front of their old spot in front of home depot a few months later, shoes worn out on the long walk back. I’m very impressed with that. Not impressed at all with Tijuana or Sonora.

To the “Turd”:

Did you even read the article you linked to?

The whole article is not that negative, but you made a sort of hate-speech out of it.

The immigration to Germany has not stopped, 7 millions are expected, and it is not planned to stop it (the globalist did not give such an order). Can you imagine that? That is masochistic politics like a genocide, an autogenocide. During the last four months more than 1,1 Million people immigrated to Germany, and many of them not for political, but for economical reasons. Along with people who really need asylum came lots of criminals, drug-dealers, people who are not interested in anything else but money.

Merkel has made mistakes, at least from the point of view of the people, especially of the German people; but she did not make mistakes from the point of view of the globalists. And the German people are not guilty for the false politics of their governments. The English, Swedish, and Dutch people are also not guilty for the false politics of their governments. The majority of the Germans did not want to be in the NATO, did not want the EU, did not want the Euro (the Euro means the exploitation of Germany. One example: Germans have to work now until the age of 67, to pay for the Greeks, so that they can retire with 45).

The immigration to Germany has not stopped. Come to the German borders and look what happens there.

You’re just a warmonger and a racist and either you have no idea what’s really going on or you get paid for writing such a crap. It looks as if you need a scapegoat. You are using the Germans like Hitler used the Jews.

It’s quite strange really, as Germany has never caused trouble for other European countries in the past.

Lol Maia! Are you for a Brexit? We were business as usual up until we joined, now we’re being screwed for every million they can get from us, so we are tightening our own purse strings at home… much to the dismay of the British voting public who are experiencing major cuts to all services.

Turd… many of the refugees are actually not refugees. I had my phone stolen from my coat pocket on NYE by these new refugees, who must be brave to do that because they will soon get battered by the British public when they start to get fat slow and therefore sluggish. They have no fear now, but they will soon know what fear is when they start messing with the British Urban Public Jungle.

It’s a cold war. They are going there to breed, convert, and create unemployment.

Yes, I think I’m coming round to favour a Brexit, despite it sounding like a new type of breakfast cereal. Historically, getting tangled up in European politics has never been a good idea.

No, selfish shortsighted thinking is the ultimate warmonger in today’s society. Germany has never been a real team player, always out for itself first. This is great if your a nation state, but Europe has no nation states anymore, Europe is a proto-nation, a bit more backwards than the old US Articles of Confederation, very similar in principle.

When you have a aggressive external export economy, and a weak military, playing these cards are wrong. Cooperation for shared security, finding a military niche, and being proactive in bloc side military campaigns is important. It keeps foreign threats to a minimum, and maximizes stability for all involved, the chaos/death threshold decreases dramatically overtime.

Instead, it has been actively destabilizing it’s own bloc, alienating factions within. Greece us one obvious example… it’s been fucking Greece over since WW2. Yes, Greece went farther left than Greece… part of the reason the US keeps going into Iraq’s and Vietnam’s is because of Greece… it was our first modern success using military advisors and modern techniques to push out a Soviet insurgency. We kept the nation western oriented, but they accepted to a high degree the same liberalism the rest of Europe embraced, but lacked a industrial base or oil fields to fund it. Germany has been screwing it’s co-confederate for decades, Greece has a lot of legitimate grips. Its no coincidence that the migration storm happened right after Merkle handed the final humiliation to Greece. The Greeks morally collapsed onwards, gave up. Everyone took advantage of this and rushed to storm their territory.

The smart thing would be to write the Greeks loans, or at least forgive debt, and move troops into Greece to help patrol, as well as throw serious efforts into Syria, which is the dark hole of European Liberalism. Its constructed from every dark lie and excuse the liberals in Europe have said since 9/11.

If your in a Bloc, your security of your border states is more important than yours. If they are secured far away, your will never have issue. If their economy is good, they won’t morally collapse, they will take on any hardship.

Germany doesn’t deserve to be in NATO, or the EU, or even Europe. If I could, I would pick its rooten population up and toss it into the Congo for all the crimes it has committed.

If your going to have a united Europe… and that’s the only direction you can go at this point, any other direction is down, you gotta start acting like Europe matters. You can just periodically remember your each individual countries and shut one another down. Greece is Delaware… Delaware is always coming up with schemes, but we had to go out of our way to keep Delaware in the Union or else the British would of had a foothold landing site right in the middle of the colonies.

Greece is the same… you gotta keep Greece, at any and all costs. They believe in that socialism crap more than anyone, and it’s killing them. You gotta keep them alive… no country in Europe has the ability to really go it alone anymore. The cost for individual defence is incompatible with socialism on the scale you desire. So it’s either have a strong regional military, that sees beyond the impulse and narrow minded liberal views of each selfish state, for the greater preservation and harmony of larger Europe, or you will each fall separate.


Europe is racist, not me. I wouldn’t hesitate to marry a Syrian woman, I find their hair and noses attractive. Its Europe’s policies- narrow minded high socialism, that makes Europe racist. I’m for a competent, forward thinking peace. Less red banners, less green banners, more looking to the realistic needs of your neighbors economically and security wise. Its the only way forward. Not everyone can be a parasite, Europe is pure parasite in it’s thinking.

Besides, some parts of Europe, like Sweden are a bit inbred, this gives them a healthy flux of new DNA. New opinions and insights might turn them into a more vibrant society. They’ve been rotting in morass for some time, their propaganda of success does not match their statistics they actually put out. This gives them a chance to reevaluate their course of action, might force them to change course with the influx of new ideas and pressures and start thinking straight.

In terms of military, the EU is Britain and France. We are bearing the finincial burden for the whole continent.

Is there anything that is not wonderful about Britain?

(Besides the stuff that is caused by foreign countries and foreign people.) :smiley:

What an utter nomsenee! In which world do you live, child?

Some facts of the European Union statistics in 2016:

1) German net contribution: 9,976,038,941 Euro.
2) French net contribution: 3,806,907,859Euro.
3) Italian net contribution: 3,437,179,157 Euro.
4) Dutch net contribution: 3,362,533,781 Euro.
5) Swedish net contribution: 1,259,462,800 Euro.
6) Danish net contribution: 628,960,212 Euro.
7) Austrian net contribution: 478,332,030 Euro.
:sunglasses: Finnish net contribution: 264,432,284 Euro.
9) British net contribution: 245,700,046 Euro * (* because of the rebate of ca. 5,200,200 Euro).

All other 18 members of the EU an the EU itself (of course!) are net receivers. The biggest net receivers are Greece and Poland. That is no coincidence.

Source: … #EU_budget .

In addition: Germany also pays the depts of all bankrupt EU countries.

Germany has always been the biggest net payer of the EU. Therefore the EU was founded.

The EU and the Euro mean the exploitation of Germany.

Otherwise this EU-monster could and would never have been founded.

Here the example of the year 2008:

Source: European Commission and … union.html .

About Edward Harrison:

Edward Harrison is the founder of Credit Writedowns and a former career diplomat, investment banker and technology executive with over twenty years of business experience. He is also a regular economic and financial commentator on BBC World News, CNBC Television, Business News Network, CBC, Fox Television and RT Television. He speaks six languages and reads another five, skills he uses to provide a more global perspective. Edward holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College. Edward also writes a premium financial newsletter. Sign up here for a free trial.

The population density in the EU-27:

Source: … population

You are completely right, Leyla.

Be honest, at least for one second, Turd. We all know that you are the godwannabe of all racists and of all trolls. You want to be the god of all trolls and all racists.

You - not others - should be put into the middle of the African jungle.


Please don’t stick loads of graphics in any reply to me.

Arminius, she’s blind. I mean that literally and not as joke.

That said she could have responded to the non-graphic information you provided that directly contradicted her quite simply incorrect remarks. All she had to do was admit her error and move on.

Oh, I did not know that. Sorry. Thanks for the information, Moreno.

So no graphics anymore to Maia. Okay. Sorry, Maia.

Ok thanks.

I was not referring to the direct contributions to the EU but to military spending, which Britain and France bear the brunt of, over and above the money that we have to pay directly to the EU.