Germany Increasingly Stopping Refugees

No, selfish shortsighted thinking is the ultimate warmonger in today’s society. Germany has never been a real team player, always out for itself first. This is great if your a nation state, but Europe has no nation states anymore, Europe is a proto-nation, a bit more backwards than the old US Articles of Confederation, very similar in principle.

When you have a aggressive external export economy, and a weak military, playing these cards are wrong. Cooperation for shared security, finding a military niche, and being proactive in bloc side military campaigns is important. It keeps foreign threats to a minimum, and maximizes stability for all involved, the chaos/death threshold decreases dramatically overtime.

Instead, it has been actively destabilizing it’s own bloc, alienating factions within. Greece us one obvious example… it’s been fucking Greece over since WW2. Yes, Greece went farther left than Greece… part of the reason the US keeps going into Iraq’s and Vietnam’s is because of Greece… it was our first modern success using military advisors and modern techniques to push out a Soviet insurgency. We kept the nation western oriented, but they accepted to a high degree the same liberalism the rest of Europe embraced, but lacked a industrial base or oil fields to fund it. Germany has been screwing it’s co-confederate for decades, Greece has a lot of legitimate grips. Its no coincidence that the migration storm happened right after Merkle handed the final humiliation to Greece. The Greeks morally collapsed onwards, gave up. Everyone took advantage of this and rushed to storm their territory.

The smart thing would be to write the Greeks loans, or at least forgive debt, and move troops into Greece to help patrol, as well as throw serious efforts into Syria, which is the dark hole of European Liberalism. Its constructed from every dark lie and excuse the liberals in Europe have said since 9/11.

If your in a Bloc, your security of your border states is more important than yours. If they are secured far away, your will never have issue. If their economy is good, they won’t morally collapse, they will take on any hardship.

Germany doesn’t deserve to be in NATO, or the EU, or even Europe. If I could, I would pick its rooten population up and toss it into the Congo for all the crimes it has committed.

If your going to have a united Europe… and that’s the only direction you can go at this point, any other direction is down, you gotta start acting like Europe matters. You can just periodically remember your each individual countries and shut one another down. Greece is Delaware… Delaware is always coming up with schemes, but we had to go out of our way to keep Delaware in the Union or else the British would of had a foothold landing site right in the middle of the colonies.

Greece is the same… you gotta keep Greece, at any and all costs. They believe in that socialism crap more than anyone, and it’s killing them. You gotta keep them alive… no country in Europe has the ability to really go it alone anymore. The cost for individual defence is incompatible with socialism on the scale you desire. So it’s either have a strong regional military, that sees beyond the impulse and narrow minded liberal views of each selfish state, for the greater preservation and harmony of larger Europe, or you will each fall separate.


Europe is racist, not me. I wouldn’t hesitate to marry a Syrian woman, I find their hair and noses attractive. Its Europe’s policies- narrow minded high socialism, that makes Europe racist. I’m for a competent, forward thinking peace. Less red banners, less green banners, more looking to the realistic needs of your neighbors economically and security wise. Its the only way forward. Not everyone can be a parasite, Europe is pure parasite in it’s thinking.

Besides, some parts of Europe, like Sweden are a bit inbred, this gives them a healthy flux of new DNA. New opinions and insights might turn them into a more vibrant society. They’ve been rotting in morass for some time, their propaganda of success does not match their statistics they actually put out. This gives them a chance to reevaluate their course of action, might force them to change course with the influx of new ideas and pressures and start thinking straight.