Germany Increasingly Stopping Refugees

Utter nonsense. All other countries profit from Germany, because Germany pays the most by far - 40 times more than the UK, for example, as I already said several times.

And again:

When the UK and France noticed that they - bit by bit - had to spend more on their military than Germany on its, they demanded immediately: “Germany must spend more money on its military!” That is odd. What has Germany been doing since then? Germany has been spending more money on its military again since then. So what you are critizising is nothing more than “peanuts”, a bagatelle. You have to value it in the longer term.

What nonsense. It gave Germany access to all the weapons in Czechoslovakia, which were then used in Poland and France. In other words, Germany got an arsenal of weapons for free, while the British had to fabricate their own. Chamberlain was completely manipulated. That’s why he is a symbol of stupidity and incompetence.

That is when they have that high goal that pulls them into momentous harmony, not killing each other, but each willing to bend in order to work together and accomplish.

That it what is at the heart of all actual “progress” - the Perception of Hope and Threat, PHT.

The Pharaohs of old learned that they had to have a pyramid to build in order to maintain order, a heart felt cause (aka “blood”). Moses used the same thing, PHT, merely in the direction of more easily obtained entropy to decimate the order. But entropy does not make a healthy bedfellow. Thus they eventually fell into their own demise for merely the same reason on a higher level.

These people needed to study perpetual motion laws more carefully. The ouroboros dies … only because it isn’t really designed right, but close.


Czechoslovakian weapons (like arrows and bents) were not needed. The German military industry was strong enough, much stronger than that of the UK. 6 years agaist the whole world - that is merely possible with a huge military industry, a good military (army, organization, … etc.), economical and administrative system. By the way: The current Germany has still a huge military industry and also still a good economical and administrativ system, but the difference to earlier times is that Germany exports its weapons, especially to the USA and to Israel. :wink:

Not only is that insulting, it is completely wrong. … hoslovakia

Oh, Phyllo, that are again “peanuts”!

Your Fuhrer did not think so.

This place is a den of stupidity. There is no other way to describe it. :frowning:

Insulting? … - Okay, “my” Führer did not need that weapons - regardless what your “interpretation” is.

You know almost nothing about history and even worse … you don’t want to learn.

That is again your self-description, Phyllo. Thanks.

The realiity is almost always war or peace as a break (pause) of war but not really harmony - unfortunately.

Germany lost WW2.

Arminius will dispute your interpretation of ‘Germany’, ‘lost’ and ‘WW2’. :wink:

It also lost every other World War that it started.

He who “starts the war” is he who chooses to fight his oppressor when no one else had the courage.

Arminus is aapologist for the Social Nationalist, however you present facts regarding WW2, he will always find a way to flip flop, despite his rhetorical skill being lower than anyone on this forum, so it will just keep getting dumber and dumber. I as a German, who openly advocates interracial sex on this forum, is a racist who hates Germany. He clearly fucking nailed that one. Right now, the three legged hamster in his little skull is spinning around it’s wheel looking for a retort, and it’s going to be a rather lame one.

Facts we know about the Germans.

  1. They systematically undermine NATO, the EU, and the UN militarily.

This is a FACT.
It was the only western state to openly trade with the Taliban. Thanks for funding 9/11 you fucking cocksuckers. And you can’t use the excuse “Oh, we didn’t know the Taliban was bad”, everybody fucking did, it’s why they we’re universally banned save by five countries on earth for trade with.

Sweden does fucking more for NATO and the UN… it goes on more crucial Peacekeeping Missions, more involved in Baltic demining operations, and Anti-Russian submarine sweeps, and willingly participates in many exercises. We don’t have to twist their arm over the shit, they do it themselves. Germany always has to be dragged kicking and screaming into anything that costs more than words. Why? Because the Germans who reside in the German state only care about their greedy as shit selves. Germany systematically impoverished the European continent, fucks over it’s neighbors, then bitch when the house of cards collapses. Germany isn’t paying off the loans and emergency debt of other countries, but merely redistributing wealth it took from others in the first place.

Maybe if it took it’s responsibilities a little more seriously, by doing more peacekeeping missions, meeting it’s minimum NATO obligations, reopened it’s nuclear power plants and slapped gas embargoes on Russia for invading Ukraine, we could buy your rhetoric Arminus.

Instead, all Germany does is follow socialist policies that destroy reproduction, causing massive loss of reproductive rates, meaning the population us collapsing. Whenever members of it’s military alliances go to war, it does everything in it’s power to backstab them and fuck them over. Whenever it’s allies have strained relations with a state, such as the Taliban, and refuse to trade, Germany rushes in to trade with them, empowering them to commit atrocities. Whenever Germany has the ability to stand on it’s own in terms of power independence, some fucking idiot with a Green Flag comes forth and cries about how clean and peaceful nuclear energy is, and so Germany turns deeper to Russian Gas… Russia is the earth’s top polluter, bigger than the US and China combined, and uses it’s revenues to oppress itself and it’s neighbors, like Ukraine and Syria.

And Ukraine… I remember how excited everyone in Germany was… yeah, Ukrainian Democracy! Then “Oh No, we care too much about the environment and our economy to back Ukraine” once Russia invaded. Utter bullshit, you have Nuclear Power plants. Despite the rhetoric, they can indeed be switched back on with a little effort. Instead, other people gave to suffer for Germany.

Same in Syria and Iraq. It took us fucking forever to get Germany involved. Its very, very much a byproduct of Germany rhetoric and policy for the last decade and a half. Same bullshit your pulling now was pulled then. We just barely managed to get Germany to provide mostly old ordinance for the Peshmerga (US can’t due to relations with Baghdad), and your rotten fucking country couldn’t even maintain your surveillance fleet.

You would think from all that money you claim Germany is spending on it’s utterly worthless do-nothing military, it would of gotten clever, and at least maintained it’s surveillance aircraft, and declare to NATO “Hey Guys, you know we don’t like using our military ever, ever to do anything to ever support any of you because we are a bunch of paracites, but we are going to Maintain our surveillance fleet, and whenever our allies need us, we are going to be flying our unarmed surveillance planes overhead, contributing at least on a intellectual level to the fight, because we know supporting our allies in our Bloc is the right thing to do. Furthermore, we are going to stop trading with the enemies of our Bloc, who threaten and actually invade states wishing to join us, because it’s unhealthy and just unwise to do for our own security, for ourselves and collectively”… something NO GERMAN POLITITION HAS NEVER SAID!

What does the US do? We host the UN, took in millions of migrants from south and mesoamerica, enter into free trade agreements that see a mass Exodus of American factories to other states, including Mexico (yet German factories stay in Germany, and Germany dares get indignant it’s paying it’s ever more impoverished neighbors money), we give out way more money in aid, both on the level of individuals and on the national level, whenever a UN Peacekeeping mission pops up, even if we can’t provide troops, we provide logistics… we get the troops of other nations there, we give them a lot of supplies, intelligence flights and satellite. We actively push for international diplomacy and the formation of interdependent national blocs to slow down the occurance of war, making it a increasing rarity.

What does Germany do in comparison, after decades of us carrying your asses? Next to nothing, token contributions that next to never changes anything. You weild your green movement opportunistically to Dodge out of everything, and then socialism and capitalism to exploit the rest. Your worthless country can’t be nailed down to do anything responsible or rightminded, your addicted to being a bunch of wasteful pieces of shit who hate life and are trying desperately to die off and dissapear in a voluntary self-inflicted Genocide. Allvyou idiots do is say Nietzsche, Heiddegar, and you blink… no future.

Yet when your replacements show up, sapping funds for your Hendonistic death thrawl, you start crying. Look at this link:

A Mayor, ironically from a place in Bavaria called Landshut (no pun intended, it’s the name) is busing refugees directly to Metkle’s office. The Green Part came out to cry, and the similar calls for not having enough money came up, or housing (socialism, it’s too hard).
What do you expect a idiotic German under these circumstances to do? Crawl down into a hole in the fetal position listening to Rammstein’s ‘Amerika’ crying? Should the Ghost of Christmas Past come along, ripping the headphones off that damn fool, dragging the idiot back to WW2, the Cold War, how Germany wasted everyone’s time and systematically back stabbed everyone, the construction of Soviet Pipelines, the lies and decuet that underlined the hysteria of the Green Movement, the back stabbing rhetoric used through the Iraq War, the decommissioning of clean nuclear energy for pullution bought from enemy warmonging states, the back stabbing of Ukraine, Iraq breajing downand collapsing after a decade of fucking other allued members efgorts there, the wealth of russian weapons used in genocide in Syria?

How fucking far do you idiots need to be dragged tgroygh the karmaic mud of your actions before your fucking own up to the fact that your a deeply fucking worthless paracite state, that literally, Indonesia, Thailand and sven fucking Pakustan does more (its very true) militarily for peacekeeping than Germany does, that your the most worthless ally the US has, that Britian has, that France has… and that Germany does more to fuck over and impiverish our other allues in our Bloc in Europe than even Russia.

For crying out loud, Austria does more for NATO security than Germany does, and its not even in NATO. Its a pain in the fucking ass just to get Germany to provide Patriot Missle defensive deployments in Turkey… and you didnt sven gave to build them, or develop the siftware, merely man them.

As fucked up as Turkey is in NATO, it is easily worth 500 of Germany, for at least they have a real army (secind largest in NATO, no… sorry, its not German No. 2), guard a crucial NATO border, easily house the most Syrian refugees (not mere ‘Pan Arab’ migrants like Germany is getting), privide alot of Intelligence, and have diplomatic pull. Its a fucking powerhouse, Germany is a joke, who’s name is embarrasing and impolite to mention when the neighbors visit.

Even backwards, surrender prone France does more for the UN and preserving NATO’s borders. It actively puts down Islamic insurgencies across Africa before they are able to combine like ISIS can cause Europe problems. England actively helps. Poland does too. Even the puny ass Republic of Georgia, who isn’t even in anything but wants to be, puts way more effort into looking after everyone’s interests.

Maybe these new Germans moving into Germany will be more caring, responsible and most of all, patriotic, and will give a damn about their nations responsibilities and future. Hopefully, they won’t be a bunch of green energy abortion addicts, will enlist in the military, will fight for their adopted nation and for their allies, and will help forge a brighter and stronger future. We know for a fact the old Germans won’t. You gotta drag them kicking and screaming to do anything that is right. They have a twisted hatred of life.

I really don’t get how the US and Germany has be so related by kinship, 1/4 Americans having German blood, we both Speak Germanic languages (English and modern German are both offshoots of older German tongues), similar religions… and yet Germany turned into the black sheep, problem child of the family. Its that sibling that goes off using drugs, gets into constant trouble, never helps others in the family out, but whenever it needs help comes begging.

Its embarrassing. This isn’t how Germans should behave, we in America know better, we have Germans too, I am German, knock thus shameful bullshit off. You know better.

No more Arminus, no more. Just stop it, it’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, it’s deceitful. Just no more. Let go. Embrace life, just let go of all your bad excuses and behaviors, you can still redeem yourself.

So WW2 was started because the Germans were oppressed?

Though it was the US that brought them into power. Just as it supported Saddaam Hussein, even when he was gassing Kurds, Noreiga, Osama Bin, and most recently ISIS, which now has STinger missiles from the US and predictably. You can’t complain about the refugees without blaming the main source of the problem: US France and Britain supported groups, including ISIS who could be expected to run a government just as poorly as Al-Asaad. So either they 1) did not care or 2) expected to be able to come in and rule directly or indirectly as part of a UN incursion or US led intervention. IOW a severe civil war and refugess was simply a given in their plans. The US has not created all of its enemies but the most recent wars, I mean going back to the early 90s, involve former allies and assets as the monsters du jour. We can get all hissy over France or Germany not doing what we want. Or we can stop seeing any government right now as giving a shit about its citizens. The whole liberal vs conservative or US vs bad European ally is a considered happy distraction and false problem by the people making plans right now.