Getting published.

I wonder if any ILPeers have tried to get there work published. I’ve been reading this site: Rejection
and find that many of the posters here might have some potential in getting published. I know it’s difficult, the chance of any us getting rejected is like 100%. But still, trying can only get you better at writing. I haven’t. I haven’t written anything worth looking at.

Anyway, reading rejection accounts of many who have tried has inspired me more to fantasize about it. Any thoughts?

I reckon you can be a star at someplace and a duck at another. It’s all about the majority population at the place. Are you saying what they want to hear? Are you thinking with the way they are? Are you showing too much ego or too little? People fall into groups, catogries and classes. Not much objection with that at the moment, but strongly object if these distinctions are based on wealth, bias and sense of superiority.

If there is really an overman, then he’s a man whose world is as wide as the real world.

…and your point is…?

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I didn’t mean it that way. I really meant to ask you to say whether you have tried writing, anything in connection with this. :cry:

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it is damn hard indeed.
before getting an entire book published you should consider contests and journals. if you go into a big/good bookstore with a magazine section you should find poetry/short story quarterlies and the such.
ex: The Iowa Review
or The Antioch Review, etc.

I’m doing the contest thing right now. I have a book…i forget the exact title at the moment but its truley comprehensive. i think its called the writer’s manual and its just huge. anyhow, it lists thousands upon thousands of contests, publishing companies, etc. getting published can be a matter of knowing who out there wants submissions in the first place.
do your research, getting published is work.
most contests want money with your submission. be careful of bogus ones.
also SASE = self addressed stamped envelope. every contest holder wants one. so very lazy.

there are online contests too.
if you are a student get involved in your institution’s literary magazine. that is your best bet. do some research, anything is possible.
many people write, not many people make the effort for publication.
i’m a student so my efforts have been few. i’ve been published by my undergrad institution, but right now i’m just writing philosophy and going for conferences and things like that.
read a lot of poetry, it helps.
ONE LAST THING: if you find a poet or writer you like in any of those magazines/reviews i told you about then WRITE THEM!
apprenticeship is not dead, actually.
good luck


Great advice, thank you very much. I’ll check those out, though I really don’t have anything serious at this moment. Like you said, I write like many people, but not the kind good enough for publication–it’s just not the same–need more motivation. :slight_smile:

dash off something silly and send it to some online lit zine. that’s how you start…the first hurdle. Print is still king, but you’ll never get in a print journal if you can’t even get on an e-zine. Work on your prose. Plagiarize. Read fiction in marathon fashion until you can’t help but sound like the last book you read. I’m no expert, then again, I’ve made, er, millions with one-liners far dumber than the ones littering this site. Just kidding. (Or am I?)


:evilfun: :evilfun: :evilfun:

Thanks for welcoming me to the real world, Gamer. Come to think of it, there seems to be a formula [read: factory] of published of works out there. :wink:

plagiarize? uhh… good advice… if you are twelve years old and writing sentence-by-sentence looking out of a choose-your-own-adventure novel… if you want to be published, you cant set out with the mentality “im going to be a published writer”… you have to just write… write a lot, the more the better, write about anything, write about your day, write nonsense for hours at a time, write your fucking heart out. thats how you figure out what you like to write about, thats how you develop a style, and characters, and then you put it all together and pretty soon you are editing all this SHIT that you wrote, and then you are sending things to the publisher, and then you can officially get REJECTED, and you can feel good knowing you are a real writer, not because you’ve got a book deal , and you make a MILLION DOLLARS or whatever that guy was lying about, but because you produce, you expel literature , it is your outlet. then , when you die, if you are lucky somebody will pick up your notebook and say hmm, and you will become published, and your words will change the world forever.

Very well said, Dmitrius Breckenridge. I like your name. I am disorganized when it comes to writing, so your description fits me perfectly. Currently, I am writing crap and shit. A good crap and shit. In a half-used notebook, on a piece of paper I found in my waste basket, on the back cover of an old magazine, on a paper napkin (a la Sartre in a smoke-filled cafe—okay, maybe not smoke-fllled because this is California).

I am done writing, so to speak, even though half of what I wanted to say is still in my mind–haven’t been written down. I would spend a great deal of time thinking–do I really want to share this half written blah, or do I just want it to stay written on a crumpled piece of paper. I think I would just insert it between the pages of my favorite book, so I would remember it, even by accident, next time I open that book again. Or maybe insert it in one that I would never, ever open again—just collecting dust in my bookshelf—deliberately forgetting that crumpled piece. Why not just throw it away?

Because the garbage man might not do a good job and let that one little crumpled piece slip. Then, he’d stop for one moment and pick it up, pry open it, then he’d see I’ve written something—a blah. It would put a grin on his face. Yes. That might be possible.

The fastest way to get published, imo, is to become incredibly famous, incredibly fast, for something so absurd – it’s incredible – that has nothing to do with getting published. Then, even one’s margin notes and grocery lists (another form of poetry) will become a valuable commodity…until then, forget-about-it! :unamused:

I actually believe that a faster way to get published is to suduce a publisher’s wife…


I agree. it is so hard in the beginning. I should have become a surrogate mother for some lesbian dwarfs, and I could have gotten my book published within a millisecond, and made into a movie of the week. That, of course, would be after my stint on Oprah. Life isn’t fair for new writers, but. what a surprise. Kato and Monica had no problem at all.

:laughing: :laughing:

in this dog-eat-dog world, why stop there – Go for the Publisher! :laughing:

Exactly! ya need a gimmick. Can’t find one? Create one. :evilfun: