Getting ready to leave Facebook maybe

Since I live so far from family and friends and have a job that requires me daily with few exceptions, Facebook has been a way to keep up with them. Yet, I find myself tiring of armchair warrior crap about politics and religion. Someone shares a page about a school cutting out Linus’s reason for Christmas in a Charlie Brown Christmas play and all blame goes to Muslims, venom and idiocy spews out. Not necessarily from friends and family but, from folks they know and people that know the person who started the story. That is just one example, it is not just Christians spewing out crap either. Political idiocy seems to have no boundries. There is no exchange of ideas, dialogue , just irrational hate and woeful amount of ignorance. I enjoy discussions about religion and politics but, damn , childish mudslinging armchair warrior crap is, crap. Perhaps after the holidays are over I will sign off. I don’t want miss the good things.

When my friends (always negatively) comment on my political retweets sent to Facebook, I just reply ‘Love you’. I don’t want to get involved in hostile political discussions with friends I like… all the other parties really hate a Tory, and they are all the other parties but Tory.

I pretty much have the same problem. I know people at work and relatives,
who also bring drama onto facebook. I pretty much ignore certain people without
deleting them for deleting them will cause drama of its own. I just browse it
and move on. I ignore 99% of everything on facebook. I just pay attention to family
news I can’t really get any other way. Recently learned my mom was in the hospital
via facebook, so it ain’t all bad, just dam annoying.


Thanks glad to know I am not the only one. I posted this after seeing a bunch of religious bigotry. Five people applauded what I said, one of those shared and the other 4 went on to post well meaning but, provocative posts about holidays, God is right blah blah. Only one stopped to think and change, it was my husband’s niece that I helped raise, I have always seen her as a daughter so maybe that influenced her. Here is what I posted:

I know I do not post a lot about our life. Ok I never post. I read all of yours though. I just never have anything worth posting. But, after great amount of thought I find I have a desire to post an opinion on a certain type of post.
The posts that declare America is a Christian nation. Two big problems with this.
First: There is North America , Central America and South America. All born and all that hold citizenship in any of the American countries , are Americans, not just U.S.A citizens.
To my knowledge there is no country named America.
Second: The U.S.A constitution declares religious freedom, not just Christian freedom. This means that laws should be for all, not the majority, not the minority, no preference given unless one infringes on the freedoms of others. You can’t have just one belief dictating all or there is no freedom.
I am an atheist, yes my religious family and friends all these years you have cared about one. Am I a horrible person that deserves hell or deserves persecution? I respect religious beliefs, I do not persecute , fear or hate difference. I do persecute persecutors. If a person wears an item due to religious edicts then it is their freedom in the USA to do so and the freedom should be defended by all religious and religions in this country. Those that started this country did so because of being religiously and politically persecuted.
Would they be proud of you or shamed?
Be proud of what you are but, help others to be proud of what they are as well. Do not fall for the hype of hate, learn truth instead. Keep in mind that all major religions have different sects. All have fanatics and all have the “when it is convenient”.
So please even if this post irritates you to unfriending me, think about all I said. The next time you see hate or bigotry or hear the word American, step back and think about it.

No one should have facebook.

It’s like a thing I read once. Julian Assange takes info about the government and gives it to you, and he’s hunted by the fbi across the globe. Mark Zuckerberg takes your info and gives it to the government, and he’s voted man of the year.

Not to mention that it is, I imagine, as you say it is. Full of shit. I’ve got friends all over the place and I’ve kept in touch with them just fine over the years having never had a facebook page. I think it’s just shallow and boring, and I think it’s a bit disgusting the way everyone seems to think that everyone else wants to know what they’re doing all the time. Look at me! Look at me! is the mentality. It’s one of the most repulsive things that I can think of.

If one does not have a thick skin and the only purpose using social sites is to be in touch with nears and dears instead of being popular, it is better to use WhatsApp. Facebook and twitter do not serve much purpose because they invite unwarranted guests.

With love,

How can you denounce Facebook like that Smears, and have 21,000 posts here?

And don’t do Facebook, it apparently demands your real information, will delete your account if someone tells on you, saying it’s not your real name.

Honestly, Fuck it. No use for it, I had a account for a philosophy group, couldn’t figure out how to work it for updates, so gave up. Simply not interested. People randomly joined up, I have no idea what is with it. I did get a video game going though… so people in the group saw the local philosophy group was involved in online war games.

People keep telling me to sign up so they can give me farm game stuff, fuck that. I don’t wanna farm electronically. All people seem to do on Facebook is show pictures of what they ate for dinner, or selfies… I don’t need to know this shit.

And Magsj and Kropotkin… I am so surprised all your friends hate your ideas. Exact opposite with me, I have no friends, but everyone knows to ask me what my opinion is on policy here… I can usually deliver a astute report on the spot to their specifications, then go back to reading. I only have one person here who hates this about me, and it’s because she is a super hard core Democrat. She kept going on about McCain, who he was going to choose for Vice President, and I said Sarah Palin… she freaken on me, saying who in the fuck was Sarah Palin. Id just gotten out of the military, and the older guys who had used our bases gym we’re mostly retired black guys who ran the Republican Party, they told me it was in the works. I didn’t let her know about how I knew, just insisted it was the case… she nearly murdered me (very Democratic)… but her friends, who all know how explosive she gets, all remember the look on her face when it was announced she was McCain’s running mate. They bring it up all the time, the stupid confounded look on her face…

I’m a very sick person, and it brings me immeasurable joy and happiness to know I confounded her. She still doesn’t like me, (or anyone it seems), but is wary of me now, and find out she probes through others what my views are. Undoubtedly, there is a voodoo doll with my face pinned to it’s head somewhere in her house.

I just don’t think I would give a flying fuck about what Facebook users thought about my food, or my selfies, or political views. You shouldn’t be looking at me in the first place then, if you don’t like it. Even if you like me, doesn’t mean I like you.

Do you know what a retweet is? that’s what they hate, not me or my ideas, but a retweet… I’m not gonna argue with someone I know because of a god damn Tory retweet from a political party that they hate. I find it all very immature.

Facebook is useful for events to attend, and keeping in contact with/contacting friends and family that one would otherwise not be able to contact.

Oh let’s be Facebook friends Turd, let’s, let’s, lets :greetings-clappingorange:


You need to find friends with similar ideas, only then you can become a good person at heart, instead of taking it out on others.

And stop facebook and twittering. Thats faggot shit useless people do. People try to make it out like it’s representational of democracy now… bullshit. Its representative of political activists trying to drum up controversy and hysteria constantly, always in the employ of some political party looking for a few more percentage points in the next election, not evident of how uniform the retweeters agree with the specifics, or even comprehend what is really going on, oftentimes they have no clue, running around confused and ignorant in the street snapping selfies of themselves as if they are part of something bigger… they are, it’s called a herd… Mooooooooo!

People who use Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Their ideas are too stupid. Politics mean nothing in a era where idiots with nothing to back them save a pretty face can slap duct tape on their face saying “I can’t breathe”, getting recognition… less for the idea, more for the idiot pretty face. It hurts any cause they back by making it look retarded and illegitimate from the start.

If something ever happens to me, and these idiots come to my defense, please God, someone start picking these airheads off with sniper rifles, I don’t want these morons hijacking my tragic death with their art protest crap. No room in modern society for them, just chop their annoying fucking heads off.

Zoot, besides this place I don’t really have an internet presence. I do shit in real life sir.

Thats right, you tell him.

And another thing for you Zoots, your face looks like Mr. PotatoMan in drag.

Do you think the people do not know what the president is on about when he uses the shorter version
Because if they do not then why has nobody had a word with him about it [ and his predecessors too ]

I just ignore them, or destroy them. Have no time or remorse for some peoples shit thinking or being.

There are people that want friendships to continue… despite negatively-impacting differences, so respecting of boundaries is needed in order for that friendship to continue, or a person has a right to hurl profanities either until boundaries are acknowledged and met or that person fucks off… but such people won’t, because they need the friendship for a purpose.

Political activists don’t care for the comments or thoughts of others and their armchair politics as the proof is in the pudding i.e. it’s not what you say but what you do i.e. go out there and support your party on the ground and shut your fucking mouth where I am concerned.

As opposed to…? Once gone, we are not in charge of our epitaphs and farewells, so you might just have to let this one ride…

No, I think calling USA, the Americans or America is one of the most successful political PR manipulations ever. It is a control title. Look, when you get Canadians and South Americans calling USA the Americans, there is just so blatantly something wrong, some mental deliberate programming going on. It should scream out that it is just the tip.

I admit I am trying an experiment on facebook. I put a much smaller and much
more condense version of my thoughts on rituals on face book. I am curious
to see what happens. Let us see what happens on face book when philosophy
hits it.


I know this is a big decision Kriswest and you show a lot of courage to do it. I just want you to know you have my support whatever happens.

Lately I’ve been struggling with my tweeting habits. Usually I tweet what I’m doing every three minutes… well, until yesterday. As I was walking into the store I not only tweeted that I was walking into the store… I tweeted when I actually opened the door and stepped inside. I tweeted again when I got my hot dog and big gulp. This is getting entirely out of hand.

Never got on to Tweet. I do hear about it in news. It does sound as though it can be an addiction. Good luck with your Tweeetlessness. That too can take courage. A big smile :wink:

Only person more pathetic than Zoots tweeting that is the person reading it. How fucking sad is their existence?

“Oh… I hope Zoots chose Mtn Dew instead of Dr. Pepper. What toppings did he get? Will he take a shit in the restroom?”