Most people, ahhh ghost don’t exist. But do they? I’m sure you know at least one person who claims to have seen one, and I’m gonna bet this topic has been discussed before.

Now, obviously this can’t be mind tricks can it? If more than 2 people have had encounters? Then what is it? Theories?

I think unlocking the secrets to Ghosts, and finding that they do exist, would change the way everyone views our universe, and will open questions to everyone about what the universe is really all about, this my friends seem it could be a scientific breakthrough if Ghosts exist.

I have some friends who are at college in a different state, (so I haven’t seen this yet), who claim to have a “manitou.”

I had to ask what it was, or how specifically, it was different from a ghost.

But apparently, it has been banging things into the walls occasionally or casting weird shadows in their room or “watching” them. Creepy stuff.

So that’s my story… I haven’t experienced a ghost or anything like it but I’ve heard testimony. … index.html

Ghosts surely do not exist, they’re just a fragment of our imagination. The brain is very powerful, it plays tricks on us. If someone goes into a “haunted” house with the mindset that ghosts do exists, then they will come out saying the saw a ghost. It’s all in the mind.

So some people, like groups of 5 all have the same imagination and it all happens at the exact same time? Crazy, but hey, morons are.

spw aren’t you wanna of those who’d be against gnosticism?

What cracks me up is Darwins theory of evolution can be taken seriously, but something thousands of people have claimed to see is discarded as nothing, and that nothing supernatural exists that could possibly defy our man made laws and observations that are somehow seen as monolithic, how gnostic of some people.

A very interesting paper I read had an extensive study on haunting’s and found out that the same people were seeing ghosts in every so-called haunted location. IOW the ghosts were only common to people not location. One of my x-girlfriends claimed that her cat was saying “moma” when it meowed, so yes the mind is very powerful. Have you ever seen the trick where someone is hypnotized and given a suggestion that they were being burnt with a hot brand when they were actually being touched with a piece of ice and a burn whelp appeared immediately, this is videoed and documented.

So, no there are no Ghosts IMO, well except for Watcher evidently.

Maybe common to people, this may be true yes, but then how do you dispose of those groups of 4 people who see a car that passes through them on the road, guess what these people are Christian freinds, good friends of mine. So I must believe they were either all lying now, or they all had the same exact reaction? How do you explain this?

Weak wills will borrow strength from others, or better put, power of suggestion. I’ve seen this in action many times. One person says I’ve seen this and many other say “I did too”. In this particular case I happened to know that the others did not see that thing because I was there also and two of them wasn’t even looking at the time.

Agreed. People are so easily influenced that they’ll go along with it if everybody else is. Until I have some hard evidence, I will never believe in supernatural bullshit.

Supernatural is defined by many to be what science has not yet found a solution to. To close out supernatural things is mere ignorance.

Why call it “bullshit” because you haven’t gotten evidence… Is this not close-mindedness? Is this not gnosticism? I hope you are not one of those people who call Christians dumb for believing they hold the truth and view it gnostically.

All I’m saying is, and here me out. Even Jesus Christ walked up to you and showed himself, you would not believe 4 days or so later, it would be discarded as imagination. Yet, you believe other galaxies exist, even though you’ve never been there, these could be purely false and to you seen by merely false by thousands because they all can influence each other.

However, you still haven’t answered the question. If four freinds of mine, all saw the same thing, and were thinking it before anyone ever said anything, obviously some supernatural event must have happened. Some event not explained by science. There are only two options, they lied, or they were all able to see the same thing that they couldnt’ explain, some car that magically went through them, some ghost car. Obviously they wouldn’t lie over something that makes them look stupid, and obviously they would be truthful to their freinds, so were left with them all magically supernaturally seeing the same thing at once. So here again, any suggestions?

Alright this is first hand it happened to me. I worked in a nursing home, there were apartments for those that did not require nursing. A small kitchen was attached to serve residents meals if they did not want to cook for themselves. I handled the kitchen and dining room service. It was a one person job. There were three of us that had this job. You were alone before the residents came in and after they left about an hour each way. I was 15 My best friend had one of the other shifts and then there was an older lady that had the third shift.
I worked months there experiencing odd happenings that should not have happened. Plates, cups,glasses, utensils being knocked to the floor constantly night after night even though there was no way it could have happened. Pounding footsteps in the dining area, doors closing and opening even though I was alone and the doors were all locked from the inside. After 4 months I finally screwed up the courage to sound like I was a lunatic to my best friend, I asked her if she had ever experienced odd things there.

Her face went white then total look of relief fell upon her face. She too experienced it. We promptly went up to the nursing home and asked the lady whose shift it was. The relief of not being insane was on her face too when we asked. We all experienced these things but, we were so concerned about looking like idiots we just kept it quiet, never telling a soul until that night.

Yea ,there are ghosts or something around this old world.

Ok, what I don’t understand is if there have been so many (probably thousands) of so called “sightings” then why hasn’t anything been proved? Why is there so many different “types” of ghosts? Why do ghosts only hang out in random “haunted” houses? Why is it that only certain people remain ghosts after they die and others cease to exist in our physical world? The types of ghosts that are “seen” differ from culture to culture and society to society. A ghost seen in ancient Greece differs from that seen in midieval Europe which differs from that seen nowadays. It’s all just a hoax. Quit wasting your time.

What puzzles me is that all sightings of these appiritions seem to occur at night in front of small audiences. Are ghosts like vampires and afraid of the sun? Why don’t they appear at midday on a beach full of holidaymakers, or at the start of the cup final at Wembly?

You mean like someone see’s a greek ghost instead of a european ghost? lol

I’m sure many are fake, but I still don’t think you should be so gnostic toward such a subject you really know very little about.

A lot of people see Elvis and Aliens too, incredibly detailed physical encounters, not just a brief metaphysical moment. How do you think that compares with Ghosts?

What if Elvis is in Ghost form? What if aliens do exist, it’s not like we know enough about our universe. I won’t rule them out as false, why should you? other than it’s what you’re supposed to say to such ridiculous sounding things.

Why believe in something that can be explained more concisely by something else?

The descriptions of ghosts differ from culture to culture.

The so called appearances of ghosts (at least the real ones) CAN’T be explained though… that’s the point.

The events attributed to ghosts can be.