What’s the explanation for something sitting away from the edge of a shelf in a closed room falling off suddenly? Or the explanation for footsteps in an empty hallway?

It’s all in your mind. If this kind of stuff happens so frequently, why is it that there is absolutely no evidence to back it up? No photograph, no video recording, no scientific data whatsoever.

P.S. Please don’t respond with some photoshopped picture you found on the internet.

Not all unexplained “ghost” occurances happen at night. Mine did not just happen at night. If you can give me a logical feasable answer about how plates cups glasses and utensils went from the back of a table supported by a wall to fall on to the floor when the table was almost 2 feet wide 6 feet long, while the rest of the same items stayed neatly stacked against the wall. I will gladly accept it.

Hell I want it to be a normal explainable event. Explain to me how solid footsteps could possibly be occuring when there was noone else near or around except me and all doors were locked, Please give me a viable explanation. We went over everything, every possible natural and improbable but, possible reason and none, none were remotely possible.

Take pictures? It is like a kid that is learning to say things, the parent brags that the kid can say such and such to someone else, plop the kid in front of the other person and all the kid does is slobbers and gurgles, no amount of coaxing is going to get that kid to speak. Parent looks like an idiot.

I don’t care if I am believed, I don’t care if you think me an idiot. I know what I know. Most people though are more attuned to peer pressure and succumb to keeping up appearances. Few people are like me. We don’t care. Photos and film will never be believed because of the ability to doctor and enhance, recordings too, can be manipulated. The only acceptable proof is first hand experience. We are back to the little kid again. You can either think a person is crazy,stressed,gullible or an idiot Or you can take their word.

Something sitting away from the shelf falling off: the floor isn’t level, which also causes doors to open mysteriously.

Footsteps: I don’t know what they sound like. Ask James Randi.

LOL the table was as I said was 2’ wide. The floor may have been un level but marbles would not roll off the table.( we checked the slanting theory). We also pushed plates from the back of the table from the top of the stack, the heavy plastic plates would have hit the table with a crash then slide to the floor making another crashing sound there was never two crashes only the sound of them crashing onto the floor. The heavy plastic cups and glasses were stacked upside down on ontop of another so that you have to pull a cup or a glass up to remove it. There is no way just a few could slide or fall off the table and leave the rest untouched and unmoved.

Footsteps on thin carpeting, heavy man steps with hard soled shoes. The doors were never opened they were locked from the inside, Only one person was in that building before and after meals, always doors were locked as I said.

We all compared sounds we heard, tried desperately to recreate the sounds we looked at all possible things. This was not rare occurances it was daily. It was annoying not frightening. Hey , when you are young and having something occur to make you work more, annoys not frightens. … 12&q=ghost

If it was caught on camera for real, you could say: “Oh, that was fake.”

If it was faked, but looked real, and you believed, you could say: “That’s real!”

I only trust my first hand experience, and it was both a blessing and a curse, but I do believe…