gift giving, based on personality.

I’m trying think of a gift in the range of 300-350$ for a 20 year old, person is fairly intelligent, rational, some-what creative.

Can I get a good digital camera(for photographing wildlife) or keyboard(music) in that range. I didn’t really think so but haven’t looked extensively.

any ideas would be appreciated. Roller blades maybe? a bike?

Hell yeah you can get a good digital camera for that price.

I’m not into them, myself, but my Mom bought a digital camera that has its own little printer and photo paper and stuff for $200-something on sale.

You’re talking $300, there is all kinds of useful stuff you could get for $300. Now, I’ve always been a fan of gift cards, myself, why not do a $200 gift card for some kind of tech store and $100 gift card for Wal-Mart or maybe some kind of book store?

I don’t like your odds of getting a decent keyboard at that price, maybe used, but that’s the only way you will get one capable of cool little tricks at that price is used.

Creative, creative, if I were a creative person (which, I’m not, no self-deprecation there, just a fact) I don’t know, I could get pretty creative with $300 straight cash!

You could get a decent digital camera for that price although I don’t think common cameras are ideal for nature photography, you’d probably want an SLR for that and they can be quite expensive, also I don’t recommend getting suckered for the camera + printer deals the print quality isn’t too great on those things and they are probably more expensive in the long run than just having the photos developed properly.

Instead of the archetypal digital camera there are alternatives, lomography is something I’ve come across in the past, I think the general principle is that the cameras are just a one click shoot device…your creative friend may appreciate something like this.

Best to find out what their interests are before settling on what to buy: unless you already know that their interests lie in those directions, that is…


I know the person quite well, and their interests are those. leaning towards cutting up the 300 dollars 350$ into multiple smaller gifts, instead of one big gift. Personally i like one big gift for 350$ more than a couple, but this person doesn’t really care.

I was checking out a pile of posters at, Uv-sunglasses with mirror in them for biking. I may get that with an extra 50$ i have lying around though.

Funnily enough, I was going to suggest multiple gifts over just one bigger gift - creative types enjoy the opening of gifts just as much as the gift itself, so the more there are to see/open, the better (tactileness, I guess) and gifts with a practical purpose are probably favoured more too…

I’m looking for a maine-coon, hard to find around here though.

What is that? a cat, a hat, a cat in a hat…

why would you ever spend that much money on a person?

Cuz, they’re spending that much on me?

Is it one of these? now that’s a big cat…

Thats probably a maine coon.

male maine coon’s on average are around like 20pounds. a giant 25-30pound maine coon would be awesome.

I still think my Tabby would destroy one though, he’s only 10-11 pounds, but is built like a tank.

They also got so big through good old natural selection, opposed to humans breeding them for size, which is quite intense. Only the strongest/biggest cats survived the harshest of winters over many years, producing the elegant maine coon.

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That would be a cool pet to have…

I respect animals too much to ever do that to any pets I may have in the future, but I came across these. :laughing:

Maybe you can ask around some of her friends. She may have talked to them about something she is really wanting to have.

Aside from that, some may say more than one gift, other may say only one.

Personally, I think if it is the gift she will really treasure, that has a lot of thought put into it, and/or conveyes your personal feelings for her, that is the gift for her. I would opt for only one.

Maybe a night on the town she would never forget, but it would have to be so different and special.

Think about it and your heart will lead you to what she would want. :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/

He didn’t say it was a her, or who it was, but you know there’s an 18 year old looking for a gift in the 300-350$ range who’s fairly intelligent, and rational, some-what creative…open to donations.

Just a thought.


Do let us know what you bought her, Cyrene, and if she loved it? though I’m sure she will… :slight_smile:

this is “gift giving, based on personality”. so in order to answer that question, what is her personality like?