gimme sex

because I’m horny.

oh, you’re in control of saying no?

okay, then, nevermind.

Does anyone know how to do the dukenhiemen?

How about the Ho-tep and whatnot?

Can we get the duke out, reem it right out there and reem it on your face?


This sounds like a form of frustration.

its started that way, but I didn’t want to take it seriously, so satirized myself. It was more of a personal release. the tension came first, and now I dont care.

gimme food.

oh, you only have candy?

Well, I need something solid and warm. Nevermind.

maybe the mexican avalanche

when you jizz in a girls hair, then push her down a flight of stairs

don’t rely on someone else to do the job. Do it yourself!

you know what I mean, do it until you don’t need to do it any more.

then you will no longer be frustrated.