Globalisms Untenable Claim To The Globe

Globalism equals Earth-rape.

The only reason there is globalism is remorseless profiteering. The only reason to deny that humans have their own local natures, values, joys, character’s narratives, lives, souls and beings, or to want to replace them with something ‘better’ in the sense of an invisible horrormachine that steals or turns to shit everything nature had them born into and that they loved, to replace it with plastic morals and plastic food to serve all the so-deprived and depraved equally with the purest synthetic nothingness, is to steal the values on which these values rely. That is globalism; rape-robbery made into a Universal Imperative.

The thesis here is sufficient for these quarters; whoever is interested in seeing the dynamics behind this discussion surface, keep an eye on this. … l-law#4215

Globalism, as any other movement, is led by people. These leaders also have their values which they may be, as well as not, consciously aware of. They decide according to them.
Now, if you want to stop globalism, or understand how it came into existence, you should look in history and search for the reasons that led to the development of these values in the hearts of leaders (and supporters) of the globalism movement.
Were they cultural reasons? Did they stream from certain deficit? Or were they always inside of us, and the mankind just “waited” for the development of technology to have means for doing what they always desired to do?

All is driven by values; the point is to rank values.

“All values are equal” is a direct logical contradiction.
A value is per definition unequal. To what? To that against which it is a value.

So yes, you are right. And this makes my point. The values that drive globalism are bad values. These bad values will lead us deeper into chaos and death, but they will erode away when it begins to hurt the well do do, which is beginning to happen now.

There will be no global government in the next 500 years; and when it will come, it will be strictly to contain proliferation of WMD’s. That is absolutely the only reason for a global government, and the only function it can and will be allowed to fulfill, when eventually it will become relevant against the backdrop of restored humanity, of restored roots.

There can be no globalism without humanity being rooted very well locally, all across the globe. Id say 500 years is optimistic.

I dont believe in God, I dont believe we were programmed to be waiting for the future, let alone for one that will never come.

Globalism is a capitalist function. Capitalism is still too weak to regulate itself on that scale. Capitalism isnt rooted in a philosophy of value.


Globalism is imperialistic to its core and the prize has always been about political domination of the entire planet.

I believe the opposite…I think not in my lifetime will
globalism succeed but within a 100 years and it will
be a force for good…
Just a people have gone from a small village type
of governance to nations, we need to take the next step
which is globalism…will there be ugliness, yep,
even Hitler type of ugliness, (we see this we Herr trumpf already)
but just as each step of growth in the area governed, we see
progress, we shall see progress in the future…
Many of our problems today, can only be stemmed by
a global effort hence globalism…
The key is to keep power in the hands of the people,
not just politically but economically…
We can have an global economy and still have direct
this can be achieved by modern technology which
means computers…
The rise of one state is not only inevitable but
we, the people, need the next step to protect our interest and
preventing such future disasters as global warming and the
coming war of resources that will threaten humanity…
Only by globalism will we be able to deal with these future

To those who oppose globalism… You are blind to the possibilities
of globalism and driven by fear of the unknown…
To those idiots who will say some foolishness
like we are dominated by some super class
and we are sheep… Try thinking for change
and think about the course of history to now and understand
we must advance or die… if you offer up some foolish comments
I will ignore you because you are incapable of real thoughts…


I don’t know about all this globalism stuff, but I want there to be a KFC, a Starbucks and for the radio stations to play English speaking music wherever I am so let’s just try and get that stuff out there across the world.

You know what, I’m with that. Globalism is best forgotten except as an expansion of US mainstream life across the planets shitholes. Starbucks is lacking even in places like Kentucky now though, from what my sisters been telling me. (She tends to go to places where they have many guns for some reason - the slums of Johannesburg, and when 911 happened she was in DC and had just put a sticker of her college on the facet of the Pentagon wall where the thing flew in)

I knew she was either in New York or Washington, she was traveling between them… I have a hazy memory of the first hours because I was sitting in the editing console of the tv station that was just feeding everything from CNN, waiting for the phone to ring. It turned out when it happened she was on the bus to New York, where nobody knew anything and chaos was bad.

Of course she absolutely detested me for bringing up conspiracy theories later.

In any case I am leaning more and more toward the idea that US pop culture is bad but the best kind of bad. The sort that can be improved when it’s really necessary and that doesnt really infringe on much besides the fools that go for it. Im one of those fools, so let’s go.

I would say that it’s wise of cultures like Italy to keep out the US things - but these are exceptions. Italy may be the only exception. The only one still standing. Because they have first rate food that is faster and cheaper than US chains, and they are Rome, the religious center of all.

Im just placing ideas out there at this point.

Globalism is a riddle that first has to be misunderstood for a while longer, Im sure. Yet - what is clear is that the impulse toward a global organization emerged under US rule, at the same moment that the US took world-dominance from Britain. Which is forever its father and ally.

Globalism is dead. The Brexit vote killed it. Once again, England leads the way. There will, obviously, be many years where the global elites try and hang on to power, and make it very difficult for all of us. But they will lose.

I certainly support that spirit, but I think the death of the EU will not direcltly mean the death of globalism. There is still enough prey.

Peter, tell us all how globalism will save the world. :sunglasses:

Don’t worry, in the globalist future you’ll be able to scan your digital electronic skin graft tattoo to purchase a vanilla mocha latte at Starbucks…

Nope, that was just a precursor for when the European Union and euro finally financially dissolves so they can roll out that digital electronic Phoenix SDR out…

K: at no point did I say that globalism will save the world, I
said and if you had actually read the above part, you would know
that globalism is natural and inevitable… From small villages to
the rise of nations is the growth of human governance…
more people require more government, kinda works that way…
you have great big multinational corporations and issues that span
individual nations, both of which will require multinational responses…

government is an answer to a problem…and each form of government
is an answer to a specific problem…for an example, in the beginning
of human experience, you have the problem of security…
from both other humans and animals…So you say to a couple
big humans, would you mind watching the woods to protect us
and the big early man human said, ok, but for a price, which will
be bigger share of the food for our time… The leader of the clan says,
sure, here are a few more apples from our collective foraging…
and that boys and girls is the beginning of government…
and government is really the exact same thing today, only on a
much bigger scale… and it will grow even bigger in time because
in time, there will be more of us requiring more government.
Globalism is a response to a problem…just as the city-states
of Greece were an answer to a problem… Each form and type of
government is an answer to a problem…the next problems require
the next answers…Thus globalism


Primarily as a natural result of the rise of an international virtual currency (and the death of the Adam Smithian brand of nationalist-capitalism), and secondarily the proliferation of English as lingua fraca – Globalism will inevitably arise. As in, nations will dissolve and be replaced by a global government, or micro-government with humanity at large handling auto-governance functions-- there is no reason to believe that globalism will be anything like what Orwell feared.

I think that if you get ass-raped enough times [like the jews], you wont want numpties finding reasons to be different, at least not in the better/worse kind of ‘different’.

Consider how Nietzsche saw others as degenerate, and how tory mp’s say things like ‘if I were them I would just start up my own business [instead of being poor and in a minimum wage job]’. No, if you [said tory] were them, you would be them with all the same problems and restrictions they face, you would have 100% their causality and there is no information outside the system. There is no magic being inside whereby ‘God’ [or ‘value’ …or the given] has determined that one person is better than another.

Once we get that understood, there will be no problem between nationalist and globalists. Its just that historically the above patronising ridiculousness has hurt other peoples bottoms a lot - hence globalism ~ its your fault!


If anybody thinks national government tyranny is insufferable wait until they come across global tyranny 2.0.

Global government is a natural evolutionary inevitability? :laughing:

This initiated plan of organizing a global government is going to need a lot of dead people in opposition to be implemented. I’m surprised our local globalist friends in this thread failed to mention that part.

" … think that if you get ass-raped enough times [like the jews], you wont want numpties finding reasons to be different, at least not in the better/worse kind of ‘different’."

Woh, wait, what?

I think of globalism as man’s muscle growing much faster than his brain. All sorts of steroids and shit.

If it doeant kill us, we’re gonna have one fuck of a powerful body when our brain catches up.