God and the Devil one?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately to kind of confirm my constantly changing thoughts on religion and I’ve come to question myself,could the devil just be the negative traits in god? I found myself struggling to believe that god would make an angel and empower him with the thought of wanting to become greater than he was. God’s smarter than that, he would’ve made an angel greater than anything he had made before but without bestowing upon it the capacity to overthrow god himself. Lately I just believe that the devil is the church’s explanation to god’s negativities. Also, if humans were made after the image of god, wouldn’t we all be flawless and “pure”, but we all think “evil” thoughts I don’t know does anyone get what im trying to say?

Keep God out of it and the devil will also disappear. Life will merely boil down to it’s original and virtually miraculous complexity enough to make all the Gods, Devils and miscellaneous sidekicks redundant.

Also, churches exist because priests need a job.

As for us being made in God’s image, I always find this hilarious. God as Über-primate and the devil as his evil brother – probably the guy who wears the turban!

These are ancient metaphors far older than Christianity. Only when they are read as such do you approach the kind of truth they were meant to convey. Straight acceptance of these stories as if they were facts subject to logic, only serves to make them ludicrous their inherent insights thoroughly eclipsed.

Sure I need more explanation from you to get what you wanna say! Seems this thread should be placed in the Religion thread. If you believe in these things, God, Devil, Angel, Flawless, Pure … then you have an impossible job to find many many things!

I Talked about it in other thread and said in no way we have a one single God. Nobody can be a pure one till s/he does her/his own mistakes! You have to be beaten till you learn how to beat! But Religions, cults, sources and many other things say if you do this it’s a sin, if you do that you go to hell, if you do this you’re a devil in disguise and blah blah blah!!!

I DO believe in Sin and Evil but never ever it’s not what today world tries to swallow it in us! My own attitude about these things are so weird and dangerous, so I don’t post them here for sure, But I do my best if you wanna go on :wink:

yes,we are all manifestations of eachother.

Satan was God’s 5th pet,or 5th guardian near the throne,a deceptive one with the mind of an angel,no relation to him being an actual angel.

sure he would,he’s God isn’t he,it’s his decision not ours,though we have the right to judge.

The church is the Devils Domain.stick with your bible and say Fuck the World!!.

yes,anyone does.

All minds
All souls…

Remove what you want, from what you see
as real.

You will be shocked,
when sane
for a while.


we’re always going to run into these kinds of problems when we try to think of God in an anthropomorphic sense.

the idea that this God ‘who’ is so ultimate could be considered to have ‘good’ or 'bad traits.
the idea that the human understanding of what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ can be attributed to an unknown and infinitely mysterious being.
it does not make logical sense.

why do we think evil thoughts…well because we are human and some things that humans do tend to be placed into the catagory of ‘evil’.
now where this word comes from exactly and how it gained such power over the years, i am not sure, but it definitely wields great power over the citizens of the United States of America, as well as it holds great power over the terrorists who hate America.
as well as it holds great power over many God believing inhabitants of this Earth.

however this actual ‘evil’ does not really exist, it is as mythical a thing as magic.

you speak of flawless and pure, yet i do not know what you would consider to be flawless and pure.

you say that God would be smarter then to create the devil…what makes you think that you could apply intelligence to the all powerful omnipotent being?

First of all, read Joseph Campbell. He is the shit when it somes to this kind of thing.

Second of all, consider the yin and yang, dark and light aspects of the same thing. In this sense, God and Devil reflect the dual nature of man, yet to realize the oneness they constitue is to realize our own nature. So, short answer: yes.

Wheee. There you go.

there is where you quote me wrong. I didn’t question why he made " the devil" I questioned why he would give him the power to be able to even think of overthrowing him.Think about it, if you were a godlike figure, would you creat a “best friend” per se and give it the knowledge and the thoughts to overthrow you, or want to become better than you? Wouldn’t you want to keep peace and remain supreme being? This is why I kind of don’t believ in the devil anymore, I believe in the angel Lucifer, but I don’t believe he’s the devil. I follow the same concept as Jesus Christ, I don’t believe in Jesus because he was the man I believe in christ because that was the voice within him which guided him, but now im roughing in a completely different subject :slight_smile:

well…i think if there is God, God exist as everything you see. im not a pantheist, i just think that God is not real, and if you want to call anything [God] it would be the entire universe, there was nothing before this and there is nothing after it.
…there is no outside this universe, this universe is everything, and anything existing as a ‘being’ with perception and thoughts and best friends must be organic, not God…unless God is in fact organic…something extra-terrestial…something tangible…