God came to me in a dream and proved that you don't exist.

God came to me in a dream last night, and proved to me that his existence was more real than yours. Both exist in the form of text, but he also exists in a dream. You never came to me in a dream before.

Then he dropped a big one on me, pointing out that I didn’t exist either.

I asked him what he meant by this, and he responded back to me in Dom Delouise’s Voice:



I siad I was shattered by his behavior and my lost of ego, and he replied he liked kaleidoscopes, and was born of this like.

I pointed out it was a dualism he was presented, and defied his monistic nature.

He pointed out I touch myself way too much and was going to hell. He then began singing the ME ME ME ME song again.

I pointed out the masterbation was similar to his emphasis on ME ME ME ME ME, and didn’t qualify pusnishment.

He pinted out there was a dualistic structure to the monism of myself, and it applied equally to the two of us. The dualism didn’t extinguish monism.

He then pointed out he was serious and I was still going to hell none the less for doing that way too much.

I told him I didn’t care because everyone else was doing it.

He pointed out that he already proved everyone else was less real than him, and should take the clear and present now as reality.

He then sang ME ME ME ME ME ME ME some more, then left with the three girls I had a wet dream about when I was 17.

I woke up and noticed someone drank all my Mountain Dew.


I came on your face in my dream, does that count?