god god

It seems to me that the mind perceives something very unusual about the nature of things…

I think it presents trouble when we try to define this…

So I like the idea of just using the word god in a very general sense…

To give an example----today I was thinking about the nature of living things…It seems so strange and miraculous and I felt good…But I wouldn’t be able to say more…

So I believe in god…in that way…

Very nice post, Turtle.

when writing about god it is best not to define that term…it is better to look at the nature of things and then communicate about what we sense and feel…
so religion would return to a natural philosophy…
an example would be looking at things and realizing
how the atomic nature of matter works…

I do, too! The experience is more valuable than the description.

Good point.

But isn’t what you were feeling simple the joy of living? Are you talking about that being your ultimate ideal or purpose for living, or do you anthropomorphize or deify it…or???

tpt it doesnt have to do with any purpose for living…and i dont deify it…but i think it is as much god as anything else…

i think feces is god

Humpty…come off it.
That is just a crap post because you’re ornery or some such.
Actually engage usefully, like I know you can when you’re not bent, or don’t post.

uhhh, in the context of this thread, you’re the prick and i’m following the rules.

is it really beyond you people how ridiculous it is to just say “let’s not define that word”?
am i the only one that sees that?
i can’t believe that.

if a word doesn’t have a definition, it is useless.
you can’t use it, it doesn’t refer to anything, nothing at all.
if god is undefined, then “god is feces” means just as much as “god is nature”

Yeah, but who said that?

am i the only person that reads threads?

No, but you are the only person breaking adhom rules and acting like a jerk about it.
Good job. Another warning. sigh

“Anything we say about God is a lie.”–Meister Eckardt

Sorry, I think you’re dodging the question.

I read that response as, ‘Yes, the joy of living is as good as any god to me. Though I don’t diefy it, or require a purpose for life from it.’

Ok, ultimate ideal, purpose, reward or satisfaction… I mean, we are talking “god” here, or is this a game determined by minuscule quibbles and nths of an inch?

i dont think this sense/feeling has to do with any joy of living…i am depressed. i do not see much joy in my life…and i look around and see a lot of bad stuff…but as i am teaching kids about nature and science the mysteries are still there and i find them miraculous…

If depression can be alleviated by exercize and nuitrition, it does not have to become a doom and gloom assessment of the universe. It’s a matter of taking care of business, unless, of course, you’ve been dealt a genetic bad hand. Even that, however, often yields to honest caring. As I learned from reading and friends, you don’t have the luxury of having negative thoughts. Your friends should be supportive.