God has feelings...

God has feelings…

  • Yes, and I claim to know how.
  • No, the concept of a ‘God with feelings’ is made in man’s image.
  • Yes, and he is very upset with many on ILP.
  • No, he’d have to exist to have feelings.
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God has feelings…

If you claim to know how he does. Please enlighten us with your divine knowledge.


Forgive me for this detour (I will be back with those two threads, one sooner than the other), which is actually the main road.

I am the one (so far) who voted for the first option, and you asked (however sarcastically) that I explain.

How I know He has feelings is because He saved me. Nobody without feelings saves anybody.

He showed us how to live in union with Him (happy) by giving us the law, and He gave us a way to make things right with Him (the old sacrificial system, symbolizing the consequences of living apart from God, who is the source of true life) because keeping the law (perfection) is only possible for God (who is perfect), the old way foreshadowing and culminating in Jesus’ perfect sacrifice… the Message showing us He loves us no matter what. This love makes possible the closest friendship possible, one you can’t even come close to imagining before you actually experience it.

That’s just the emotion of love. There’s more.

And He’s still omnipotent… even with emotions… something to think about.

I think God does, but I don’t think that those feelings are used to manipulate mundane events of mortals.

I also think god is composed of love and knowledge. Real love, unattached to the physical, and actual knowledge.

I think God is pretty much encompased in all souls, not just the greater soul. We all have feelings, and therefore a greater soul is not devoid of emotions.

I think God’s love is given to all of it’s kin, all life, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ souls. They are all connected, and not left out of the circle.

‘God’ is the image of the priest writ large: bearded, robed, angry and bloodthirsty.

I know a couple of bearded, robed priests, but so far as I know they aren’t angry or bloodthirsty. Maybe they take a day off from that on Sundays.

To me my idea of God is that he is a compelation of the separate aspects that make up existance. In this way God could have feelings through that aspect

God isn’t a person. He is God. Stop anthropomorphizing him. (Essentially the point of this post) He saved you from the damnation that he created you for?

I think his definition of love is pretty messed up if he loves some so much as to send most of the people he created into eternal damnation. That’s somewhat dysfunctional love in my opinion.

Yes, apparently God is also Jealous, Vengeful, and (as Dionysus said) Bloodthirsty!

I’m thinken…. And me no likey! :laughing:

I think we need new definitions for God. We need to serperate God into Gods…with different names.

Any suggestions?

God has something like feelings because virtues are motivations, motivations are rooted in emotion, and our virtues are a primary way in which we are in God’s image.

Perhaps if seen as Gods are all knowing and omnipotent. Then Gods must have all feelings or know of feelings. For they are all things. Now how they use it or if they do use it would depend upon your contact with this god or your perception of your God.

Seems to me if an entity wishes to commune with its creation then it must know of or have the ability to commune with comprehension. That would mean it knows we use emotions/feelings to communicate, so it would have to use emotions/feelings in its own way to commune with us if we are its creation.

To be able to use emotions/feelings it would have to have them in one way or another.

I dont think so, God to my mind is the sum of all. Im not saying that God’s cannot exist, in fact I think its very likely that there are parts of the whole that do not work in harmony, and its because people dont understand this that we have so much confusion as to who God is, his morals etc. But God is still the summation of everything by definition in my eyes. It would be nice to be able to study some of his different parts as it were, as many religions have attempted to do because I think that trying to understand god as a whole is creating problems. But to be honest I would not know where to begin

But is your God different than say the christian God of the same name?

God does not have feelings. Feelings fix themselves on objects, and God is not fixed on any one particular object. Feelings also cause or show changes in a person’s body (e.g. scans of brain activity, heart rate, etc.), and yet God cannot change nor does He have a body.

On the other hand, it is said that there is joy and delight, as well as love in God, although they are understood to be in Him in a different sense (i.e. in the intellectual appetite, which God has, but not in the sensitive appetite, which God does not have).

I only replied to Bane 'cause s/he replied to me and this isn’t my thread.

I love how you note my good point as cute then just blow it off.
How is it not a problem?

Then God chose to create messed up people.
He sends those that have not accepted Christ as their savior to hell.
What of those that haven’t heard?
They didn’t choose him, but they didn’t choose hell either.
Who would really choose hell?

Talk of God’s emotions is nonsense! Flat out meaningless words.
Again, the point of this thread is to show the absurdity it is to talk of God as having emotions.
“God isn’t a person. He is God. Stop anthropomorphizing him. (Essentially the point of this post)”

What point was I supposed to think about? Nothing seems implied in your statement except for a contradiction: omnipotence and emotions.

I am a he BTW if I hadn’t noted it yet in our conversations.

I thought it was cute because it is the kind of thought that occurs to me, that I don’t see occurring in a lot of other minds – but it occurred in yours (but not in mine). I love thoughts like that – you think “Hey, I should have thought that” and you admire it in others. They are the funnest thoughts imaginable. On the one hand, He saved me from never knowing Him. On the other hand, from His perspective, He always knew that I would come to know Him, so “never knowing Him” was never going to happen, so it appears He didn’t save me from anything that was really going to happen. But – it would have happened if I had rejected His offer (a very hypothetical “if”). That option was always there – for me to follow after delusional alternatives (new age bull-oney, or old reliable atheism)… but I said yes to Him instead (how could I have said no?!). If the world were determined rather than predestined, you would have a point. But our decisions matter to Him. Read more about it in my thread “Predestination and Free Will”.

Would you say you are messed up because God made all your bad choices? See that thread I mentioned (the last part, on evil). Christ died for everybody, not just those who have heard about it. God knows every person’s heart, whether or not they sought Him or avoided Him. Who would really choose hell? – those who would reject God and everything He is about. If you think about it, I deserve hell (separation from God), even though I have said yes to God, because I am not perfect. But God doesn’t love us because we deserve it. He loves us because He is love. But His love isn’t the kind of love that (I believe it was you who mentioned that girl on Animaniacs, no?) smothers… He won’t manifest His love for you if you don’t want Him to. The alternative is hell. God knows if a person has not had ample opportunity to know what they are rejecting – He isn’t going to send anyone to hell unjustly.

If you believe in God (you seem to assume His existence in your language), then what is your reasoning for it being meaningless to speak of Him as having emotions? Notice that you also use masculine pronouns which acknowledge personhood, rather than using “it” to refer to God (which would depersonalize Him). You also speak of Him choosing. Do you think it does not require personhood to choose?

How is it a contradiction to have emotions and yet be omnipotent? How can emotions be a weakness for God? They might be a weakness for beings as frail as we humans, but… that’s the point… for when we are weak (and not in denial about it)… that’s when we are open to allowing God’s strength to help us… then we are strong. See my Lapis Lazuli thread.

If I had never heard about God before, and suddenly I started wondering why anything exists, and it occurred to me that perhaps there is a being behind it all… and that perhaps this being interacts with beings like me… I would look for evidence of this interaction. I would think, “If I were a being behind all existence and I interacted with beings that exist to a lesser degree than me… beings curious about me… how would I go about interacting with them… how would I feed their curiosity (that I no doubt gave them)?” I thank God that I don’t have to look far for evidence of His interaction. I just grew up around it and so it was nothing special to me. Instead of accepting it, or asking God to show me further… I just walked away. Now I know… Ask… seek… knock. Don’t get lost.

Missed your meaning I thought you meant the actual God. Not an interpretation of God nm forget I said anything