God is dead.

SO if god could contemplate everything, for one he wouldn’t want to anymore cause that shit would be boring as there would be nothing to learn…nothing interesting. Then if it knew everything it could take any action that would lead to the best… so it would probably do that and then, I guess something like that could exist long enough to do that and then, kill itself by dividing its consciousness into unomnicient things… in other words an all knowing thing could delete its capacity to know all by partitioning itself… :frowning:

I have often mused creation “big bang” was just such an event. “God” offing itself for the sake of non-“God”. Impossible thesis to prove, but in a spare moment or two (possibly >100) an interesting thought to think, I thought, or, am thinking or perhaps will think.

Look, man, we just want to know how to worship this partitioned thing. We need narratives of great sacrifice or humility, and especially martyrdom, and if you don’t provide we’ll take these disparate particulars and smelt out a machine for our own utility and conceptual unification. Okay?

Just love yourself as well as others.

whew. right then, I’m calming down.

Just because God has died, does not mean He is taken out of existence.

Existence transcends life and death. Dead things exist, because rocks exist and are not living.

God is like cartoon characters. You can drop a piano on Him, and flatten Him as flat as a flitter, and He pops right back up again.

God can die in the morning and be back alive before the coffee is done. Doesn’t He die every Sabbath?

Abstract, if god can partition then it can unpartition. So at the most it gives itself a nap.

Perhaps but i would imagine it is not awake very often…

Do you give your kids the answers or do you let them learn how to find the answers?

Don’t have kids but sense i flip flop so much they would probably be confused…

Aaah a godling in the making. :slight_smile:

The executive press angel reported to God, “The news is you are dead”. God laughed and said, “Don’t they wish! I died once for their sake. Once is enough.”

And so we all should laugh too … at such a silly god.

“I cannot worship a God who does not know how to dance.”–thus spoke Zarathustra. I cannot worship a God who has no sense of humor. We are silly critters with feet in the mud and head in the clouds.

what? :confusion-scratchheadyellow:

There should be a distinction beween not alive and dead. Dead means once alive, which rocks never were. Alive means DNA orchestrated existence.


But we do it all the time - it’s called the self. :laughing:

…and god sings…

…Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don’t think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh no!

McArthur park

Creativity is God’s thing.

I tripped balls recently and god revealed to me a joke he is playing on “bad” people… can’t remember exactly what it was though… I think it was basically karma but i think it was more complex then that, i laughed harder then i have in years… he also said something about how hilarious it was that people will believe certain things without any suggestion one way or the other…