Going to Amsterdam...


I’m going to Amsterdam in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if

a) There are any ILPers who live in Amsterdam
b) Any ILPers have been there and can recommend places to go


  • ben

Hi ben,

I lived in Amsterdam for a few months, I arrived at Central Stasse (Central Station) and found my way really easy from there. I didn’t know a thing about the place, yet I made friends really easily, and I managed to find an apartment within two days. I felt that everything just fell together in perfect harmony. It’s such a great city, I always thought that I would go back to live one day. Dutch people from Amsterdam are really very friendly and warm and incredibly helpful. Anything you need to know, there is so much information available. It’s surprisingly small for such a famous place, the streets are cobbled mostly, and the city is mapped with canals. You can travel on them or you can use trams or busses or the best way I found to get around was by bicycle. Everyone uses bicycles, you can buy one second hand quite cheaply or you could go online and get one or you could hire one and then sell it again when you are done. The possibilities are endless.

I’m not going to recommend places to go to as I don’t know what you’re into except perhaps the Van Gogh Museum. I can suggest though that you keep an open heart, your heart will find what you are looking for.

Have fun


the dutchies call it ‘Central Stasse’ ?!
i don’t believe it ! ;D

seems they have decent dialects after all :slight_smile:

i could give you a couple hints about speaking dutch, Ben, i’m a belgian
but then again, you’ll get along just fine in english also
(you’re gonna hate the way they speak it though)

have a good trip



I envy you man!

I can’t wait to go to Amsterdam! I have a show there at the end of Feburary 2006 after I leave Blackpool! I can’t wait!

Enjoy man…I can’t wait to go there in my European travels.

Stop by the coffee shops!

You lucky rascal.

Tell us more about it, Ben.

Are you packing it and staying at hostels, or do you have reservations somewhere else?

That’s how I’m going to do it. My back-pack, maybe my bike (depending on shipping costs), and a pocket with at least a grand in it. I would like to stay for about two or three weeks. I shouldn’t need much more money than that.

Anyway, take notes and let me know the details eh? [wink]