good idea if you want it


ok so i have come up with a lot of very very good ideas i must say. one of them i thought was so good that i believed it could generate billions and billions of dollars and end world poverty- i wrote to bill gates- of course i didnt tell him the idea but i told him that it could geverate billions of dollars and would be just as revolutionary as the internet and that my intentions were only to have a small part of the profit given towards ending world poverty- i told him that my dream was to end world poverty and that the idea will inevitabally happen within 10 years but i told him that it can be done right now!! - but guess what he did not write back- this has been about 3 to 4 years now that i have had this particular idea that is driving me crazy- now there’s some website called twitter that is doing something in that direction and i know that people are selfish in this world- i will no longer be selfish you guys can have it if you want it…

i just have to get my book out… ill be writting directly from when i first came up with the idea because i don’t really feel like getting all into it- i just want to put the simple idea here- and my book as well as everything i write is only a glimpse of the ideas in my head- this way everyone will know what i was thinking in the future but allows me to save time as well. anyway here i go verbatim. keep in mind i write on different days in my book…

i have an idea that i think will generate enough money for helptheherd (to end world poverty). sattelite radio is really big, unedited, unrestricted music you pay for. well i think it should be brought to tv. like a sattelite channel. this channel will be like myspace on tv. one channel maybe nbc can do it. i think nbc would like the idea But its for anyone and everyone. sort of like xbc connect where you can have your own parties. things like a smoker’s lounge, game lounge like chatrooms on the internet. it can be recorded so if your not in front of your camera you can replay segments of yourself or whatever. you can do whatever you want in your party. these parties can be located by subject, location, sex, culture etc. parties can view other parties. i want it to be possible to interact with billions or millions of other people depending on how you look at it. split screens/ radio stations broadcasting their shows. 50 cent rolling a blunt and can have huge cyphers through tv. porn/date lines/others looking for love

ok i got it- to sum it up its the tv version of the internet

you can have private parties/maybe find your long lost friend through a voluntary directory.

if you want to advertise your company.

this channel will bring people together of all kinds rich and not rich.

play chess against a friend in another state. think about setting up appointments to talk to MJ or jay-z or seeing what king of cereal 50 cent is eating at 8 am and him asking a bunch of us how we liked his new single with his mouth full of cocoa puffs.

and you can view anyone’s room thats not private

But if your just viewing you cant speak unless permitted by the rules of the party.

people will be able to spread their ideas, music, everything

It’s a channel, your a subscriber, we give you the equipment (camera)

like direct tv

i think since “whatever” company is going to have to spend a lot of money in the beginning and plus the money the company makes will based on subscribers, so at first it will be hard. but it should be test marketed like in New York City first- Just to save money and build customers or individuals can subscribe no matter where they are via sattelite maybe

even though ive never used myspace i’d assume it will be a tv version of that but with a world- more group of possibilities
cash on the spot, bids, stocks, myspace, generate ur own money, wireless, keyboard, mini microphone on shirt, games, access to accounts bank, whatever- cash advances, coaches ie speech/teachers, other companies will pay us to be on our channel, dating service, probablly need to get as many other companies as possible, school at home (college)/ highschool, projects done individually from home, rent a sattelite- self explanatory, see your fav. radio station live ie howard stern everyday

Make your own money by advertising or getting your very own subscribers, maybe your subscribers pay an extra 5 dollars on their bill that goes to you or partially.
people that will sign up (maybe)
hospitals will sign up
cable companies
online gamers

and of course the video device would be portable- can be taken anywhere- small

of course the way i was able to come up with the idea was looking at the internet/myspace and all these successful ideas, you can see that they all have to do with communication so i just thought to myself, well what would be the ultimate form of communication and that would be being able to see and talk to someone at any place and time and of course that’s just the beginning

each subscriber has a gps location to prevent broadcasting crime. connect with phones, so you can call someone and see them

as i said i think theres a website called twitter that is to some effect someone having a “subscriber”- you can see why it drove me crazy its only a matter of time until they pick up and move to the tv i would suppose and then there will be a very big tug of war- anyway al gore also attempted a channel with user specified viewing like youtube or something i think it was on direct tv- i remember thinking that it would not be successful when i turned to the channel- and trust me when i came up with this idea there was nothing like it whatsoever on the internet- its just waiting to be done literally- no matter what someone will do it- its just who will do it first- and as i said you’ll have the world at your fingertips within 10 years- i suggest if you have the money and the time that you hurry and do this today- there’s really no time- im sure you’ll be in for a race- im just making sure everyone knows about the race! and of course if you already know about internet through electricity then you really need to get on the ball with electric companies or whatever- im not too sure but i can bet there will be alot of money lost and a lot of money made- its time for new money to be made people! a new generation of hope and love and peace and equality.

i always knew you were trolling… thanks for the confirmation.

Hmm. . . The TV version of the internet, huh? Isn’t that just the internet?

no like i said it would be similar to twitter- even though im not sure because i havent checked out the site- but from what i hear- its just a very simplified internet version of my idea- but my idea was more in the future when it will be on tv and everywhere- communication everywhere-!!! yay

Big Brother is watching.

jesus? lol

:laughing: I don’t think that’s who 3XGreat meant. Think again.

probably not- but how else do you answer people as such?.. kill em with kindness :smiley:

One only kills people with kindness, herdy, if they want to destroy them. :unamused:

Gee, I think I’m starting to talk like you. :laughing:

What I meant is kindness is not always the way to go with people. Showing them reality, helping them to be self-aware is more important sometimes than the kindness. Depends on the situation. But a bit o kindness never hurts.

At the same time, giving them “watered down” truth can sometimes be helpful. I borrowed that from my friend, Freddie Nietzsche.

It is a fine line we tred when trying to give the truth, and at the same time watering it down a bit. Not too much, not too little, ah, just right. Balance is always of the utmost importance.