good mood today...

is anyone else in a good mood today?

I woak up with my honey, made some love, drove around some streets, and she dropped me off at work etc,

Anyone else in a good mood?

Absolutely. Yesterday I was in the mountains, today in the city, tomorrow I might be at the beach. I live in the Pot Panzer and am free to roam. Roaming is fundamental to me since I have very strong Aquarian unfluences in my chart. I refuse to commit to systems that are flawed. My greatest contribution to America is paying taxes when I buy something, and trying to provoke a consumer into fighting me so I can beat the snot out of him in front of his buddies.

I have joined a small Socialist organization of college students. Granted, they are not yet anointed and only wear Che T-shirts because they think its cool. However, if they give me their time and attention, I will make them Bolsheviks for life and introduce them to the greatest ideology this world has ever seen.

I have been Marijuana free for almost two months now. I’ve noticed that I cannot smoke it recreationally now that its out of my system. I become extremely paranoid if I do. Three weeks ago I took a few tokes from a pipe and it made me weird. I must either get back on it habitually, or not do it at all.

I’m also trying to become an alcoholic, but to no avail. I drank some black-cherry smirnoff coolers the other day and got a little buzz, but it was nothing extraordinary. I have no idea why Dionysus was so impressed with alcohol. I think its silly, and more so, those who drink the shit.

No. I feel shitty. I have too much homework, but not enough motivation.

Look up some European traditional drinks, and also study the correct method of consumption. One day you, too, might become an Alcoholic, grasshopper.

I feel like saying crack crack crackity jones! That’s how I feel. Yup, that sums 'er up. Nicely.


Uh-huh, just as I thought. [scribbles something on clip-board] A fixation with mammalian protuberances developed through breast-feeding as a child or over exposure to pornographic material.

hahaha, no just me being random, but thanks for the analysis.

Detrop, Try Bartles and James coolers I highly recommend the Strawberry kiwi Get two 4packs of them. You may want drink them fast so be careful. They will buzz you pleasantly

Since I am breathing, have a roof over my head, food in the house and water. I am satisfied.