Good Riddance

get the fuck off this web site jackass. Who rejoices in the death of a man? You obviously don’t understand Derrida if you would say something so ignorant like “he said that words” have no meaning. Typical moron who would replace one type of fascism with another

Nice language…:unamused:

That’s what all the Deconstructionists say when they are criticized for their schtoopidity. “We’re smarter than you, you’re not smart enough to understand that we’re right and everyone else is wrong”…:unamused:

Ignorant propaganda.

I’m not A deconstructionist., not even in the slightest. But I know ignorance when I see it. anyway This’ll be my last post to you. Someone without even the proper manners to nod to the passing dead is not someone I’m going to waste my time with. You’re an ignorant jackass.

Strawman argument?

I have never read Derrida, but wouldn’t a blog attempting to deconstruct him just eventually prove his point?

Words have definitive meanings that one can look up in the Unabridged OED and Websters. Therefore no one is attempting to deconstruct anything. Deconstructionism is the greatest hoax in the history of sophistry.

I thought there was some attempt at context, my pardon, it was simply ad hominem. (assuming he never denotatively praised the great Satan).

yes… you are just way way way to stoopid to understand. lol…

would also suggest not judging derrida (or foucault… or baudrillard… or any trendy european philosopher) by the tired re-appropriations of US professors and grad students… that’s what I did for a while and was wuite shocked to find out that most of what I’d been told those people said, they in fact dont seem to have said at all…

I am judging Derrida by his own words.

Only someone who is prejudiced and biased against americans would claim otherwise.


LOL it’s insights like that that make it all worthwhile WL.

that seems quite reasonable… unfortunately I’m not so wise…

but I don’t think anything useful will come of arguing about Derrida’s worth either… my only passing thought on the matter would be that there seems to have been a trend in a lot of academic thought… esp. in some “left” circles, to make too bigger a deal about Derrida’s work… too make it all things for all purposes when it would be better viewed as some interesting, quirky, inventive tactics for reading and writting… looking for more than intruiging and occasionaly exciting play in his words… expecting them to be a whole lot more than one persons attempts to experiment and free his mind of old truths… well your probably going to be dissapointed… exploding texts and tickling dualisms isnt going to free sweat-shop workers or help you cure AIDS but it might help you have fun with thought, make you less timid in the face of old ideas, and help you fasion greater intellectual autonomy…

if he doesnt help you do those things then just set him aside… don’t get all uptight about it con OR pro… it’s far too trivial and much too important to warrant it…

I didn’t see you were Kiwi until just now. That explains your irrational prejudice, hatred, and condescension towards Americans who are culturally, morally, intellectually, and historically superior to you.

Damn right. It’s not Derrida, Deleuze, Foucault or the rest that are the dumbasses, but their slack jawed yokel literary theory followers

Some people just make patriotic americans look bad :unamused: . Some people just give us bad PR.

I went to that website and was almost bowled over by the pure propaganda jumping out to me from the page.

Look, you dont have to agree with a philosopher to respect them. A philosopher doesnt have to be ‘right’ to impact truth. But I dont know why Im bothering responding, because this whole thread is a travesty.

soooooo dum. if I ever held such views they would never have been so well justified…

these ludicrous people give christians a bad name. americans too. hell, i’ll bookmark this site just to keep a healthy distrust of humanity.

i was actually physically stunned by this statement. where do you get your opinions?

(Glances at site, reads: " Dedicated to the defense of America and the Holy Land from the Satanic Saracen horde of hateful Arab Muslim Sand Nazi terrorist infidels. Our long term goals are the sacking of Mecca, the defiling and final destruction of the Kaaba idol, and the creation of a Zionist State with Mecca as it’s capital.")

ah. so That’s where.

i can tell you’re a PNAC man.[/i]