Goose Step

I was trained to march 30 miles a day British-style
I tried the German (aka Spearman) goosestep the other day
and was exhausted before a mile

Maybe you’re just older now.

Maybe you should get off your backside
and try both methods
before opining

Maybe that’s the point of goose-step, it’s harder - resulting in a fitter soldier…?

Though learning a gait like that, and entrenching it over a long period of time into your locomotary centres - I’d expect a conflict with normal movement on the battlefield. Heavy packs are better, because that encumberance can be discarded as is needed.

Basically a parade step
far more disciplined than an ordinary marching pace
adopted now by North Korea
much to the fear of the South for all their money
who cower behind the US army

IMHO army boot-camp directly after high school
for three months at the very least
should be compulsory for both genders
it knocks all the shit out of the ego
and gets the individual to realize and appreciate
the exponential power of the collective psyche
and an intense pride in being part of it

such an army of young people
precision-trained by every nation
and put to work as a global stewardship engineering corps
could square this planet up
and get it running on perpertual motion
within a decade

The trouble with stewardship is that it is wont to turn into despotism, haven’t you watched the return of the king…?

But then, despotism isn’t always bad, not at first. Basically however, I think a better solution would be to hook a re-vamped real-time version of Google-earth up to a space-bound battery of X-ray lasers, program it to randomly annihilate 50% of the human population every week and then keep the pop. steady at 1 billion whatever forever after. Better program it also to defend itself.

It’s not that I think humans are bad per-se, there are just too many of us.

You of course will be spared
talk about despotism
I am afraid you need serious help :laughing:

Of course I’ll be spared, I wear a tinfoil hat.

No, but seriously, even if I feel the millisecond itch of x-rays in my skull before it explodes, I’ll still die with a smile on my face. Life in general is important, but not on an individual scale.

Well then
which is it?

Come now Tab
you are confusing me
is the individual not an essential element of the collective?
if not
then who or what is the collective consciousness
and how is it constituted?

If we can clear that up
and agree that every individual is essential
then what?
What size must the collective be
and how is it to be harmonized
in order to be optimally important?

Surely the more
the merrier
and the more individual agreement there is among us
the sweeter the tone.

People are much of a muchness, interchangable at a genetic/potential scale. The next generation washes away the last.

Small isolated groups of 150-200 people, with room to splinter. That’s the anarchic self-governing threshold. But the world being finite, not going to be stable.

We need zookeepers basically.

Your unease at over-crowding and urban stress is understandable

but we are not rats anymore
our giant brain has evolved for a reason
and nobody is using it

for every square foot on the ground
there are ten thousand square feet of building space above it
yet we continue to sprawl outwards
with increasing difficulty to service our civic needs
which increases traffic congestion
the weather brings our city services to a stand-still

We need to go up
and indoors
not outwards
we all need space to breath fresh air
large-scale ergonomic chimney cities are the answer
with the wilderness
two minutes of vertical travel away
from our front doors

we have the brains and technology
to build the most comfortable housing on the planet
but seemingly
not the will

thus cynicism abounds
which is understandable
but IMHO
reveals nothing but unimaginative pseudo-intellectualism
and while we grumble and threaten mass genocide
thinking and acting like rodents trapped in a cage
instead of evoking our engineering genius
evolved to deal with this specific existential challenge
the crowding situation will only get worse
and we will all die out
with our evolutionary cycle uncompleted
just like bird-brained dinosaurs
who IMO
died from over-population
and over-grazing
not a meteor impact
and why Nature designed a better model

Sure it did, but unfortunately, that reason was to dupe the opposite sex into either having our babies, or helping care for them. Beyond that, well, added bonus. You’ve read history, every great ruler from the Aztecs to the Sumerians used his power and intelligence to knock women up. Public works of fine taste and staggering artistry - nothing but baubles hung on the ends of despotic dicks.

Sorry to come over all inimaginative and pseudy - but c’mon MM, yours is naught but the classic fanfare plea of “Look people, if we could just get it altogether - we could find a way out of this mess.” Which seems to work just dandy in low budget thrillers, but in real life just has the effect of producing a momentary spasm of guilt in the audience before they resume their more favoured pastime of chucking weaponized popcorn at each other and stealing their neighbors Coke.

The only way to save the world is to engineer society such that acting towards a saved world on the individual level contributes to that individual getting his or her rocks off, the more directly the better. Instead of advertising campaigns and awareness drives, governments should simply let it slip that a low carbon footprint means you get laid more often, and then create an elite squad of commando hookers to swing in through the windows of the enviromentally-minded come the chime of midnight.

thus cynicism abounds
which is understandable
but IMHO
reveals nothing but unimaginative pseudo-intellectualism

No, it displays pragmatism, which is much more likely to save the day than pipe-dreams of a new eco-friendly Hitler-youth.


Are you a 60’s hippie left-over? Me too. The megalithic cities that were popular pipe dreams in the late 50’s and 60’s all depended on one thing: Cheap energy. Going up sounds great, but it comes at a cost. We still live in a gravity well, and it takes energy - lots of it - to go up. If we want to accomodate more bodies, then we have to find cheap energy - period. Even with the mega city, there is the transportation costs of bringing in food, toilet paper, and chinese lead-painted toys. Going up doesn’t make that problem go away. Sure, there would be some greater efficiencies, but without cheap energy, it wouldn’t be more than a trade-off.

Tab has the right idea. Fewer bodies, preferably with large spaces in between groups. It’s going to happen long before we see the megalith. For all our potential brilliance in problem solving, we’re dumber than a bucket of bricks.

You are not using your mind

Counter-weights makes use of gravity
and allow vertical transport to use a fraction of horizontal energy
and almost completely eliminates lost work hours
currently spend in congested traffic jambs
in addition
the energy expended by millions of humans walking stairs
or sweating in gyms and interior sport arenas
can be harvested
and keep us healthily exercised

Chimney dynamics applied in city construction
if high enough
harvests the energy of atmospheric thermal conversion
as well as water condensation

glass exteriors surrouding the city
provides organic greenhouse produce for every family
all the way to the penthouses five and ten thousand feet up

welcome to a designer future
and large happy families
hippiedom forever :smiley: