Graduate Schools

Where should I go to grad school for philosophy?

there is no simple answer to that question… i’m sure you know that by now. :sunglasses:

it depends on a lot of things; your academic background, interests, goals, and so on. location and finances also have a lot to do with your decision.

these links might be helpful:

good luck! :sunglasses:

<<it depends on a lot of things; your academic background, interests, goals, and so on. location and finances also have a lot to do with your decision.>>

Good advice, DarkMagus.

This site might be helpful too: [IF you can post (sending info won’t go through our firewall here).]

As for me, I’d like to see graduate school too, but my grades were not the best, and it’s been a while. I wonder if I could impress colleges by doing well in language classes at a local city college. (Many good schools demand knowledge of languages.) I should probably work on a new sample paper too – or at least writing essays to practice for the GRE test.

How is your search doing, LostGuy?

my grades weren’t the best, either. i went to a tough school though, which may help my cause (if the places where i apply can recognize that). i did fairly well on the GREs and i’m planning on learning French (i already know Spanish) so that will help me out (as you mentioned, MyRealName). Doing “extracurricular” type things can also help you to “look good”. I’ve played drumset for 12 years and studied privately at Berklee College of Music. I’ve also played (and currently do play) in bands that have recorded albums and gotten radio airplay.

not trying to ramble on about myself, just giving you ideas as to what MAY help you become “attractive” to departments of higher education. its really all about looking “well-rounded”. of course if you have amazing grades, you may not need to be involved in so many non-academic things!

I wonder if online philosophising can be admissable philosophical work for an admissions committee. Mention your name and password for each site, or send printout of “The Best of…”


Well to let everyone know, I’ve decided to hold off on Graduate school for 5 - 10 years. I’m gonna run off to Japan, teach English, experiance the world a bit. Sort of a Platonic thing from what I remember (music check, math check, dialectic check, command an army- hmm fuck it, I’ll go to Japan and teach English- pretty much the same thing, then comprehend the forms.) I’ll try to keep my finger in the pie tho. Take summer classes now and then, actually read the books that I’ve been collecting these four years, such things. Anyone have any advice to share about staying in the game even when your off in the real world?

Are you doing the JET program? One of my good friends did that, and really loved it. Good luck.

Yeah, I think so. I found an In takeing Francais en Canada, a Japaneese woman who teaches English. She seems to recomend the Jet program. But I think im pretty damn set. Osaka too, thats gotta be nice- ancient capital, the six schools and all that. It’s almost too bad I have a year of uni left.

How can you teach English in Japan without knowing Japanese?

very easily.

Hehe, good point. Well “teach” is not quite the word. Provide yourself as fodder for practice would be the most appropriate term. Besides, you really only speack to beginners in their own language. Like the Frech class I’m in now, my teacher stoped useing English on day six.

That being said on plan on learing it. I figure strait from the sourse is the best way to go. I had a bad experiance with a teacher here.

Does anyone know what schools are good today for MA study in Neo-Scholasticism? UCL used to be the place, but is it any good now? (Do any Belgians online know?)

The Philosophical Gourmet site ranks schools for Ancient and Medieval philosophy – i’m not sure that is quite the same thing.

Thanks in advance.